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Images from The Beede Gallery

Frame Drum (Sakara), Yoruba, Nigeria, ca. 1980

Clay frame drum (sakara), Yoruba, Nigeria, ca. 1980

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NMM 10971.  Frame drum (sakara), Yoruba, Nigeria, ca. 1980. Earthenware frame with incurved sides. Goatskin head secured with fifty bamboo sticks that pierce the skin. Wood beater. The sakara, named after a popular dance, is played at marriages, festivals, and funeral celebrations in ensemble with the agidigbo lamellaphone and hourglass, conical, and cylindrical drums. Diameter of drum head: ca. 320 mm (10"). Paul and Jean Christian Collection, 2006.

Back and Side Views

Back of frame drum

Side view of frame drum Another side view of frame drum

Details of Bamboo Pegs

Back rim of frame drum Detail of pegs

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