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Images from The Pressler Gallery

Pochette, possibly by Jacque Regnau[l]t, Paris, ca. 1650-1675

Front view Bass side view Treble side view Back view

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NMM 4543. Pochette, possibly by Jacque Regnau[l]t, Paris, ca. 1650-1675. One-piece ebony back, neck, pegbox, and finial. Twisted silver-wire trim. Carved heart below fingerboard. Later pegs, bridge, and tailpiece. Length: 367 mm. NMM 4542 may also have been made by Regnau[l]t. Ex coll.: W. E. Hill & Sons, London. Board of Trustees, 1988.

Finial and Pegbox and Views

Front view of pegbox Bass side view of pegbox Treble side view of pegbox Back view of pegbox

Detail of finial

Twisted Silver Wire Inlaid on Fingerboard and Back

FingerboardBack view of neckBack of body

Soundholes, Bridge, and Heart Carved Below Fingerboard

Soundholes Bridge

Heart carved below fingerboard

Tailpiece and Button at Lower End

Tailpiece Lower end of pochette Side view of end button

Literature:  Made for Music:  An Exhibition to Mark the 40th Anniversary of the Galpin Society for the Study of Musical Instruments (Amersham: Halstan & Co., 1986), p. 43, plate 11.

Friedemann Hellwig, "Hamburg and Paris: Joachim Tielke's Pochettes," Galpin Socity Journal 62 (2009), pp. 183-190.

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