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Images from The Rawlins Gallery

NMM 3374. Violoncello Piccolo by Ferdinando Gagliano, Naples, 1793
Ex colls.: Bellarosa; Herrmann.  Witten-Rawlins Collection, 1984.

NMM 3374.  Violoncello piccolo by Ferdinando Gagliano, Naples, 1793 Bass side of instrument Treble side of instrument Back of instrument

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Laurence Witten believed that this instrument was truly a violoncello piccolo rather than a very large tenor viola due to the fact that its rib height (62.3-66.2 mm) renders it unplayable under the chin. Emil Herrmann noted in his 1962 certificate that this "tenor" "is almost fully covered with its original varnish of a dark reddish-brown color and it is in almost mint condition. A unique and rare specimen." Length of top and back plates: 508 mm.

Front, Back, and Bass Side of Body

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Front of body Bass side of body Treble side of body Back of body


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Pegbox and Scroll Views

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Front of pegbox Bass side of pegbox Treble side of pegbox Back of pegbox o

Neck Heel

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Neck heel

Lit.:  Fiddles of the Mastercraftsmen:  An Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum from April 27 through June 3, 1945, in Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Antonio Stradivari and the 200th Anniversary of the Death of Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri, p. 8.

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