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Images from The Graese Gallery

Terra Cotta Statue of a Pre-Columbian Musician

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Terra Cotta Statue of a Pre-Columbian Musician Back

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NMM 2354. Seated figure with double pipes and gourd rattle, Nayarit People, west coast of Mexico. Low-fire, earthenware, red clay body (figure); black, white and yellow slip (adornment) applied before firing. Terra cotta statues like this were common during the Pre-Classic period of western Mexican civilization, ca. 100 BC - 250 AD. Length: ca. 153 mm; width: ca. 114 mm; height: ca. 90 mm; diameter of vessel opening: ca. 20 mm. Board of Trustees, 1977.


"Pre-Columbian Art Acquired," Shrine to Music Museum, Inc., Newsletter 6, No. 2 (April 1979), p. 3.

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