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Images from the Study-Storage Collections

Swiss Side Drum, ca. 1750

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NMM 7405.  Side drum, Switzerland, ca. 1750

NMM 7405.  Side drum, Switzerland, ca. 1750. Paper repair label inside drum: Renoviert per / H Rieder Dambour / A[o] 1804. Warped walnut shell, measuring between 335mm and 347mm (ca. 14") x 350mm to 360mm (ca. 14-1/2"). Shell decorated with a brass tack and etching design forming concentric circles and a six-pointed star. Eight leather tugs. Walnut rims, each with eight drilled holes through which the rope passes. Brass J-hook snare adjuster, metal screw opposite over which the snares loop. Board of Trustees, 1999.

Details of Vent Hole and Snare Screw

Vent hole Snare screw

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