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Images from The Beede Gallery

Ka Si (Kettle Gong), Siam (Thailand) or Burma (Myanmar), ca. 1630-1680

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NMM 2683.  Kettle gone (Ka si), Siam (Thailand) or Burma (Myanmar), ca. 1630-1680

NMM 2683. Ka si (kettle gong), Siam (Thailand) or Burma (Myanmar), ca. 1630-1680. Cast-bronze gong with handles. Instruments like the ka si (literally, "frog drum") are often associated with the magico-religious practice of summoning rain. Frog drums are highly valued among the mountain-dwelling people groups living along the border separating present-day Thailand and Myanmar. The procession of cast-bronze animals on the side of the barrel is missing an elephant, which may have been cut off and buried with the gong’s original owner. Attributed to the Ayudhya period in Siam (1350-1767), based on the shape of the resonating cavity and the adornment. Height: 49 cm. Diameter of top: 67.5 cm. Rawlins Fund, 1980.

Side Views of Kettle Gong

Side view 1

Side view 2 Side view 3

Animal Procession Along Seam

Side view with animals

Animal procession

Side View



Elephants from side

Elephant Procession (one missing) and Snail

Missing Elephant

Space for Missing Elephant





Views of Top and Interior

Top view

Top of gong Interior of gong

Detail of star

Frogs, view 1 Frogs, view 2

Views of Handles

Handles, view 1 Handles, view 2 Handles, view 3

Detail of Decorative Bands Cast on the Side

Decoration on side


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