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NMM 4447. Flute by Tebaldo Monzani & Co., London, ca. 1824-1833.

NMM 4447. Flute by Tebaldo Monzani, London, ca. 1824-1833

NMM 4447.  Flute by Tebaldo Monzani & Co., London, ca. 1824-1833. Conical. Four sections. Stamped on upper body: [Crown] / MONZANI & Co / 28 REGENT STT / PICCADILLY / LONDON; on head, tuning slide barrel, and lower body: [Crown] / MONZANI & Co; on foot: [Crown] / PATENT; on upper body: PATENT. Number 2387. Cocus, silver ferrules. Telescoping tuning slide and screw-cap (cap missing). Patented 1807 key system, with additional floating key heads. Patent of 1812 features: lower body with integral foot, cork-lapped tenons, and silver sockets. Eight silver keys in integral wood mounts. Closed keys: c'', double B-flat, G-sharp, long F, short F, D-sharp. Articulated keys: c'-sharp, c'. Lowest note c'. Hallmarks: [king's head] [lion passant] i TM / HH. Total length, 669.3 mm (no head cap). Sounding length, 593.7 mm. Ex coll.: Alec Hodsdon, Lavenham, England. Arne B. Larson Estate, 1988.

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Duplicate B-flat levers on Monzani flute

Duplicate B-flat levers

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