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Images from The Beede Gallery

Bedhug from the Javanese Gamelan Kyai Rengga Manis Everist

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NMM 9882.  Bedhug by Ud Soepoyo, Surakarta, 
Central Java, Indonesia, 1999
Bedhug hanging on its stand

Bedhug hanging on its teakwood stand


NMM 9882. Bedhug. Barrel-shaped, teakwood drum. Two equally sized, water-buffalo-hide heads held in place by twenty-eight wooden pegs. Decorated with flower, leaf, and naga pattern covered in gold leaf. Length (head to head): 66.9 cm. One long teakwood mallet (tabuh) with thick, soft red cloth padding at one end. Three-piece stand decorated with nagas (dragons) wearing crowns ("dragon king"), and flower and leaf patterns covered with gold leaf (view close-up of carving on stand leg).

Carved Dragon Kings (Nagas) on Bedhug Stand

Dragon King nagas carved on drum's stand

Naga (dragon king) carved on Bedhug stand

Function:  In gamelan Sekaten, the bedhug gives the cues for tempo changes, acts as a phrase divider and emphasizes the strong seleh (resolution notes) during the racikan (long introduction), and performs a colotomic function similar to the kempul once the introduction is over and the actual piece of music has started. In other kinds of music, the bedhug can be used to emphasize the strong tones of the kendhang ageng.

Playing technique:  the bedhug is played using a soft-tipped mallet hit at the center of the drumhead.

Naga Carved on Bedhug, Covered in Gold Leaf
(viewed from head to tail)

Naga carved on Bedhug
Naga carved on Bedhug Naga carved on Bedhug

The Bedhug's Arrival in Vermillion

Tri Sutrisno unpacks Bedhug

July 15, 2000 turned out to be the hottest day of the summer when Tri Sutrisno, Museum staff, and several volunteers unloaded and unpacked the numerous shipping crates and boxes containing the gamelan's 83 precious instruments and their accessories.

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