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Beethoven and Berlioz exhibition catalog


Beethoven & Berlioz, Paris & Vienna:  Musical Treasures from the Age of Revolution & Romance 1789-1848

Full-color, 88-page exhibition catalog, featuring more than 70 musical instruments and bows from the Museum's collections, with text by André P. Larson, Director, and an essay by John Koster, Conservator (2003).

Among the musical instruments featured are the following:

  * Violin, The Harrison, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, Italy, 1693
* Viola by Nicola Bergonzi, Cremona, 1781
* Violoncello, the King, by Andrea Amati, Cremona, ca. 1547
* Violin bow attributed to the workshop of Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, ca. 1700
* Two violins, a violin/viola, a viola, and a cello by Chanot & Lété, Paris, ca. 1819
* Violin bows by Tourte, Paris, ca. 1790-1810
* Flute by J. Heinrich Grenser, Dresden, ca. 1796-1806
* Crystal flute by Claude Laurent, Paris, ca. 1817
* Oboe by Jakob Friedrich Grundmann, Dresden, 1784
* Clarinet in A by August Grenser, Dresden, 1785
* Ivory clarinet by François Lefévre, Paris, ca. 1835
* Bassoon by Heinrich Grenser, Dresden, ca. 1796-1806
* Bassoon by Jean Nicholas Savary Jeune, Paris, 1823
* Contrabassoon by Franz Hell, Brünn (Brno), Moravia (The Czech Republic), ca. 1830
* Trumpet by Ernst Johann Conrad Haas, Imperial City of Nürnberg, 1765
* Invention trumpets in F by Michael Saurle, Munich, 1806
* Slide trumpet in F by Charles Pace, London, 1834
* Keyed bugle by Charles-Joseph Sax, Brussels, ca. 1840
* Cor solo by Joseph R. Raoux and/or Lucien-Joseph Raoux, Paris, after 1780
* Cornet by Marcel August Raoux, Paris, ca. 1840
* Orchestra horn by Charles-Joseph Sax, Brussels, ca. 1845
* Serpent Forveille by Turlot, Paris, ca. 1825
* Ophicleide by Adolphe Sax, Paris, ca. 1840
* Alto saxophone by Adolphe Sax, Paris, ca. 1860
* Timpani, Austria or Bavaria, 18th century
* Schellenbaum (Turkish crescent, Jingling Johnny), Markneukirchen, 19th century
* Harp by Jean Henri Naderman, Paris, 1797
* Guitar by Antoine Aubry, Mirecourt, 1779
* Choral mandolino (mandolin), The Cutler-Challen, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1680
* Mandolin by Antonio Vinaccia, Naples, 1772
* Accordion attributed to M. Busson, Paris, ca. 1830
* Physharmonika (reed organ) by Ph. I. Trayser & Co., Stuttgart, ca. 1847
* Harmonium by Alexandre & Fils, Paris, ca. 1844-1855
* Grand piano by Anton Martin Thÿm, Vienna, ca. 1815
* Square piano by André Stein 'of Augsburg,' Vienna, ca. 1825
* Grand piano by Ignace Pleyel & Cie, Paris, ca. 1830
* Grand piano by Nannette Streicher und Sohn, Vienna, 1829
* Glass armonica, France, ca. 1785
and more…


Limited Edition!

Order #12:  $24.95 (softcover)
Order #15:  $39.95 (hardcover)

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