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Gamelan CD


Sayuk:  Together in Harmony
Minneapolis:  Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota, 2007

"There are only two things one can compare [the sound of the gamelan] with:  Moonlight and running water. It is pure and mysterious like moonlight; it is always the same and yet always changing, like running water. This music does not create a song for our ears; it is a "state," such as moonlight poured over the fields. It runs and flows, clucking, tinkling and gurgling, as the water coming down from the mountains. Yet it is never monotonous. Now its sounds flow quicker and louder, just as the running water may suddenly speak louder in the night, and then again they fade into silence." Leonhard Huizinga (1937)

The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble (formerly, The Schubert Club Gamelan) first performed on the NMM's Javanese gamelan, Kyai Rengga Manis Everist, when it arrived in Vermillion in mid-July 2000, and again at the gamelan's naming ceremony in April 2003. The time-honored traditional pieces on this CD—along with several new compositions—introduce the listener to the superb sound of this outstanding gamelan.

This enhanced CD also contains information about, and photographs of, selected instruments in the Kyai Rengga Manis Everist gamelan, drawn from the NMM's website, as well as twenty-three photos related to the recording project (see samples below).

Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble

Featured soloists include:

  • Joko Sutrisno, director of the Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble, who, in 1999, assisted the NMM by arranging for the construction of the gamelan in central Java by the fifth-generation gamelan company, Supoyo. An outstanding drummer, Sutrisno has appeared as guest artist in gamelan performances through the United States and Indonesia.

  • I. M. Harjito is acknowledged to be one of the foremost musicians and composers of gamelan music in the world today. A long-time faculty member at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, he also teaches gamelan at Brown University, the New York Consulate, and the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

  • Midiyanto, teacher of gamelan at the University of California-Berkeley, has performed as a gamelan musician and dhalang (puppeteer) in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

Focusing on the music Recording Session Guest Artists

Track List
(click links below to hear MP3 excerpts)

  1. Ladrang, Sri Wibowo-Srepeg, Laras Slendro Pathet Songo (1904)

2. Gendhing, Titipati, Kethuk 2 Kerep Minggah 4, Laras Slendro Pathet Enem (ca. 1820-1823)

3. Ketawang, Manggung Sore, Laras Slendro Pathet Manyuro, arranged by Marto Pengrawit (1954)

4. Ketawang Gendhing, Sumedhang, Ketuk 2 Kerep Minggah, and Ladrang, Kapidhondhong, Laras Pelog Pathet Enem (19th century)

5. Ketawang, Sari, Laras Pelog Pathet Limo by Joko Sutrisno (2005)

6. Lancaran, Sayuk-Sampak, Laras Pelog Pathet Barang by Marto Pengrawit (1950), arranged by Joko Sutrisno

7. Lagu, Pemut, Laras Pelog Pathet Enem by Joko Sutrisno (2007)


Duration: 71' 30"
Order #82:  $15.00

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