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Iberian Keyboard Music on the Antunes Fortepiano


Treasures of Iberian Keyboard Music on the Antunes Fortepiano (1767)
Berkeley, California: Music and Arts Program of America, 1997

Recorded by Susanne Skyrm on the Museum's fortepiano by Manuel Antunes, Lisbon, 1767
Track List
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    1.  João de Sousa Carvalho: Allegro in D and Toccata in g
  2.  Sebastian de Albero: Sonata in G and Sonata in g
  3.  João Cordeiro da Silva: Allegro in C
  4.  Carlos Seixas: Sonata in a, Sonata in D, and Sonata in c
  5.  Padre José Larrañaga: Sonata de quinto tono
  6.  Alberto José Gomes da Silva: Sonata in E Minor
  7.  Francisco Xavier Baptista: Sonata in g
  8.  Padre Antonio Soler: Sonata in G, R. 45, Sonata in c, R. 100, and Sonata in C, R. 51

Duration:  68' 07"

Order #94:  $15.00

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