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Homage to Stelzner


Homage to Stelzner
Brownsville, Pennsylvania: AK/Coburg, 2005

Dr. Alfred Stelzner (1852-1906) redesigned the violin family according to modern 19th-century acoustical principles. He also invented two unique members of the family: the violotta, played on the arm like a viola but tuned a fourth below the viola; and the cellone, played on the knee like a cello but tuned a fourth below the cello. Felix Draeseke (1835-1913) was attracted to the new design and composed his String Quintet in A for Stelzner instruments, including the violotta. In 1896, the Dresden Conservatory organized a competition intended to stimulate interest for the newly designed and developed members of the string family by Stelzner. The winning composition was Arnold Krug's (1849-1904) Sextet in D Major for the combination of a normal string quartet, plus violotta and cellone. This recording is the first ever of these—or any—works played on original Stelzner intruments. (Publisher's notes)

The Summit Chamber Players

Track List
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  Felix Draeseke:  Quintet in A Major for Strings, WoO 25 Stelzner
  1. Sehr mässig bewegt; mit Feuer
  2. Sanft bewegt; getragen
  3. Rasch und leicht bewegt. Trio: ungefähr dasselbe Tempo, graziös
  4. Frisch und keck

Arnold Krug:  Sextet in D Major for Strings, Op. 68, Preissextett
  5. Allegro
  6. Adagio
  7. Finale Allegro

Felix Draeseke/Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach:
   8. Süsse Melancholie, from the Ghaeselenkranz for piano, Fata Morgana, Op. 13, No. 8 (transcribed for string quintet)


Duration:  59' 05 "
Order #77:  $15.00

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