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Images from The Beede Gallery

Short-Necked Lute (Sarinda or Saroz), Northern India, Late 19th Century

Portrait view of sarinda

NMM 3078. Short-necked lute (sarinda, saroz), northern India, late 19th century. Bowed, vertically-held folk instrument played throughout northern India, southern Afghanistan, and south Asia. Elaborate, hand-painted flowers and leaves on body. Carved from a single block of wood with separate fingerboard, neck, incurved sides, and skin belly. Three principal gut strings, seventeen brass and steel sympathetic strings (similar to the strings that sympathetically vibrate on the European viola d'amore and the Norwegian hardingfele). Board of Trustees, 1982.

Front, Back, and Side Views

Front of sarinda Bass side view of sarinda Treble side view of sarinda Back of sarinda

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Front, Bottom, Back, and Side Views of Resonator

Front of resonator Bottom of resonator Back of resonator

Bass side Treble side

Front, Side, and Back Views of Pegbox

Front of pegbox Bass side of pegbox Treble side of pegbox Back of pegbox

Details of Pegs and Floral Ornamentation

Closeup of pegs Floral ornamentation



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