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This Alphabetical Directory of Instrument Makers and Others Includes Only Instruments Featured on This Website; It Does Not Include Thousands of Other Instruments That Are Not Yet Posted




Haas,  Johann Wilhelm:
  Miniature Natural Horn,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1681)
  Trumpet,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1690-1710)
  Trumpet,  Imperial City of Nürnberg  (1710-1720)
  Trumpet,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1710-1720)
  Trumpet,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1716-1723)
Haas,  Wolf Wilhelm:
  Jagdhorn (hunting horn),  Imperial City of Nürnberg (after 1706)
  Signal Hunting Horn,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1754-1759)
Haines Brothers:
  Square Piano,  New York (1866)
Haines, Daniel W.:
  Graphite-Epoxy Violin, Columbia, South Carolina (1974)
Hainlein,  Paul:
  Trumpet,  Imperial City of Nürnberg (1666)
Haka,  Richard
  Descant (soprano) Recorder,  Amsterdam (1680)
  Veltschalmey (Deutsche Schalmei,  treble shawm),  Amsterdam (1690)
Halari, Jean-Louis Antoine:
  Cornopean in B-flat, Paris (1850)
Hale, John:
  Bassoon by John Hale and William Milhouse, London (1785-1800)
Hall, William, & Son:
  Checklist of Flutes and Fifes by William Hall & Son
Hall (Firth & Hall):
  Checklist of Flutes and Fifes by Firth & Hall
Hall (Firth,  Hall,  & Pond):
  Clarinet in C,  New York (1833-1847)
  Clarinet in C,  New York (1842-1847)
  Checklist of Flutes and Fifes by Firth, Hall, & Pond
Hall & Allen:
  Circular Cornet in B-flat/A, Boston (ca. 1861-1863)
Hall and Quinby:
  Cornet in B-flat/A,  Boston (1866-1876)
Hallet,  Benjamin:
  Flute,  London (1740-1750)
  Descant (soprano) Recorder in C (fifth flute),  London (before 1760)
Hallet,  Davis,  and Company:
  Square Piano,  Boston (1858)
Halswanter, Johann:
  Alpine Zither (Elegie zither, Altzither), Munich (ca. 1862)
  Alpine Zither (Salzburger form), Munich (ca. 1863-1884)
  Alpine Zither (Concert Zither), Munich (ca. 1880)
  Alpine Zither (Salzburger form), Munich (ca. 1880-1890)
Hamm,  Johann Gottfried:
  Violin,  Markneukirchen (1796)
Hammig I, Hermann:
  Violin, Berlin (1890-1924)
Hammond Instrument Co.:
  Solovox Keyboard and Tone Cabinet, Chicago (ca. 1940-1948)
Hannss,  Johannes Jacob:
  Chest Organ,  Northern Germany (1620)
Hansen, Lars[h]:
  Langeleik,  Toten or Eidsvold, Norway (ca. 1900-1915)
Harlan, Peter:
  Octave Spinet, Markneukirchen (1931)
Harmony Company:
  Parade Drum, Chicago (1910)
Harmony Guitar Company:
  Harmony Guitar Company Workshop Exhibit
  Consult Checklist of Ukuleles
Hart (Bacon & Hart):
  Checklist of Flutes and Fifes by Philadelphia Makers (including Bacon & Hart)
  Cornopean in A, Paris (1850)
Hartley,  Stephen:
  Upright Piano,  London and Halifax (after 1882)
Hartmann Bros. & Reinhard:
  Alpine Zither (Concert Zither), New York (after 1893)
Harton,  Andrea:
  Bass Lute,  Venice (1600)
Hasler, John:
  Bassoon, London (1830)
Hatton,  Paul:
  Oboe,  Oxford (1790-1795)
Haward,  Charles:
  Spinet,  London (1689)
Hawkes and Son:
  Oboe,  London (1884-1895)
  Oboe,  London (1884-1930)
Haynes, George W. and William S.:
  Checklist of Flutes and Piccolos
Haynes, John C., and Co..:
  Snare drum (shell), Boston (1884-1906)
Haynes, William S.:
  Checklist of Thermoclarinets
Heber Workshop:
  Tenor Normaphon, Markneukirchen (1930)
  Bassoon attributed to Adler or Heckel, Adorf or Markneukirchen, The Vogtland, Saxony (1900-1915)
Heerde,  Jan Juriaensz van:
  Treble (alto) Recorder in F,  Amsterdam (1670)
Heidegger, Eduard:
  Alpine Zither (Concert Zither), Linz, Austria (ca. 1870-1900)
  Alpine Zither (Primzither), Linz (ca. 1870-1900)
Heilmann,  Matthaus:
  Grand Piano,  Mainz (1790)
Heimeyer, Anton:
  Alpine Zither (Primzither), Vienna (ca. 1900)
Heldahl,  Anders:
  Hardingfele,  Bergen (1886)
Hell,  Franz:
  Contrabassoon, Bünn, Moravia (1830)
Helland,  Gunnar Olavsson:
  Hardingfele,  BÝ,  Telemark,  Norway (1895)
  Hardingfele,  BÝ,  Telemark,  Norway (1908)
Helland, Knudt Eriksen:
  Hardingfele, BÝ, Telemark, Norway (1873)
Hercules Materials Company, Inc.:
  Graphite-Epoxy Violin, Cumberland, Maryland (1974)
HERE, Inc.:
  Appalachian Dulcimer, Minneapolis (ca. 1975)
Hieber, Max:
  Alpine Zither (Arion Harp Zither), Munich (ca. 1900)
Higham, J.:
  See Inventory of Arnold Ruskin Collection
Hill,  Henry:
  Flute,  London (1830-1832)
  Flute,  London (1834-1835)
Hiller,  Karl:
  Upright Piano,  Berlin (1920)
Hintz,  Frederick:
  English Guitar (cittern),  London (1761)
Hodsdon,  Alec:
  Spinet,  Lavenham,  Suffolk,  England (1949)
Hoeprich,  Eric:
  Clarinet in B-flat,  Amsterdam (1996)
Hoey, James:
  Fife in B-flat, New York (1837-1856)
Hofmann,  Ferdinand:
  Grand Piano,  Vienna (1795)
Hohner,  M.:
  Harmonica, Marine Band Bell model, Trossingen (after 1897)
  Harmonica, Siamese Twins model, Trossingen (after 1904)
  Harmonica, Trumpet Call model, Trossingen (after 1906)
  Harmonica, Pohl Phone Resonator model,  Trossingen  (after 1908)
  Harmonica,  Aero Band Zeppelin model,  Trossingen (ca. 1909-1924)
  Harmonica, Chromatic model, Trossingen (ca. 1910-1930)
  Harmonica, Marine Orchestra Bell model, Trossingen (ca. 1920)
  Harmonica, Trumpet Call model, Trossingen (ca. 1923)
  Harmonica, The Auto model, Trossingen (1924-1930)
  Harmonica,  Chromatic model,  Trossingen  (1936)
  Harmonica, Paddle-Wheel model, Trossingen (after 1937)
  Diatonic Harmonica, Herb Shriner Hoosier Boy model, Trossingen (ca. 1955)
  See also: Checklist of Treasures from the Alan G. Bates Harmonica Collection on Display at the NMM
Hopf, David:
  Violin, Klingenthal (1790-1840)
Holton, Frank & Co.:
  Annotated Checklist of Instruments Designed by Lloyd Loar Along With Their Amplifiers and Speakers
  Trombone Slide, Chicago (ca. 1908)
  Trombone, Elkhorn, Wisconsin (ca. 1917-1918)
  Euphonium, Elkhorn (ca. 1919)
  Euphonium, Elkhorn (ca. 1920)
  Mellophone, Elkhorn (ca. 1923)
  C-melody Saxophone (ca. 1927-1930)
  Trombone, Elkhorn (ca. 1929)
  Trumpet, Elkhorn (ca. 1929)
  Electronic harpsichord, Elkhorn (1937-1940)
  Electronic harpsichord, Elkhorn (1937-1940)
Hopkins,  Asa:
  Clarinet in B-flat,  Litchfield,  Connecticut (1829-1837)
  Flute,  Litchfield,  Connecticut (1829-1832)
Hopkins,  Edward:
  Flute in F, Troy, New York (1839-1866)
Hornsteiner, Joseph:
  Violin, Mittenwald or Berlin (1880-1900)
Hornsteiner & Neuner:
  Violin, Mittenwald (1878)
  Alpine Zither (Primzither), Mittenwald (ca. 1890-1920)
Hoskin,  John:
  Treble Viol,  England (1609)
Hoskins, A. M.:
  Snare Drum,  Minneapolis (1913)
Hougen,  Knud K.:
  Violin in style of hardingfele,  Inwood,  Iowa (1895)
Howell,  Thomas:
  Violin, Bristol, England (1836)
Hoyer,  Gebrüder:
  Keyed trumpet in G,  Vienna (1835)
Hubbard,  Frank,  Harpsichords:
  Fortepiano,  Waltham,  Massachusetts (1984)
Hüg & Co., Gebruder:
  Alpine Zither (Concert Zither), Switzerland (ca. 1890-1900)
Hüller, G. H.:
  Piccolo, Schöneck, Germany (ca. 1915)
Humphrey,  Guy:
  Oboes (1900-1925)
  Oboe, Paris (1925)
Hunger,  Christoph Friedrich:
  Viola,  Leipzig (1751)
Hutchins,  Carleen Maley:
  Viola, Montclair, New Jersey (1953)
  Small Bass Violin, Montclair and Erie, Pennsylvania (1968)
  Tenor Violin, Montclair and Maplewood, New Jersey (1971)
  Graphite-Epoxy Violin,  Montclair (1974)
  Mezzo Violin, Montclair (1977)
  Soprano Violin, Montclair (1981)
  Contrabass Violin, Montclair (1981)
  Violin, Le Gruyère, Montclair (1982)
  Alto Violin, Montclair (1983)
  Baritone Violin, Montclair (1984)
  Treble Violin, Montclair (1985)

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