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This Alphabetical Directory of Instrument Makers and Others Includes Only Instruments Featured on This Website; It Does Not Include Thousands of Other Instruments That Are Not Yet Posted




Maccaferri, Mario:
  Checklist of Stringed Instruments by Mario Maccaferri
  Consult Checklist of Ukuleles
Mackay R. (by Alpheus Babcock):
  Square Piano,  Boston (1828)
Maggini,  Giovanni Paolo:
  Bass Viols,  Brescia (before 1630)
  Violin,  Brescia (before 1632)
Magic Fluke Company:
  Consult Checklist of Ukuleles
Malerne,  Robert:
  Oboe,  Paris (1950)
Mantegazza,  Pietro Giovanni:
  Viola,  Milan (1793)
Marbeau, Jean:
  See Inventory of Arnold Ruskin Collection
Mariani,  Lodovico:
  Violin,  Pesaro (1620)
Marmol,  Juan del:
  Square Piano,  Seville (1788)
Marr,  Robert:
  Square Piano,  Edinburgh (1799)
Martin & Co., C. F.:
  Annotated Checklist of Guitars, Mandolins, and Ukuleles by C. F. Martin & Co.
Martin & Slater:
  Cornet in B-flat/A/G,  New York (1871-1874)
Martin Band Instrument Company:
  Flute, Elkhart (1960)
Martin frères:
  Clarinet in B-flat,  Paris (1840)
Martin, Gottfried:
  Flute,  Potsdam (1822)
Martin,  Jean-François:
  Clarinet in C,  La Couture (1835)
Martin, Pollmann & Co.:
  Cornet in E-flat,  New York (1872-1880)
Masincedane Sports:
  Vuvuzela,  Capetown, South Africa (2010)
Mason and Risch:
  Vocalion Reed Organ,  Worcester (1895)
Master "S":
  Descant (soprano) Recorder in B-flat (fourth flute),  Nürnberg (1730)
Mastro Drums:
  Toy Drum, U.S.A. (1935)
Mathushek Piano Manufacturing Company:
  Square Piano,  New Haven  (1871)
Mattel, Inc.:
  Consult Checklist of Ukuleles
Maucher,  Gottfried:
  Harp-shaped Piano,  Konstanz, Germany (1797)
Maussiel,  Leonhard:
  Viola,  Nürnberg (1731)
Mazzeo, Rosario:
  Annotated Checklist of Boehm System Clarinets
  Annotated Checklist of Mazzeo System Clarinets
McInyre, Thomas F. and Robert J.:
  Checklist of McIntyre System Clarinets
McKinney, E. D.:
  Appalachian Dulcimer, Yukon, Missouri (May 1975)
McQueen,  A.:
  Clarinet in C,  Colchester,  England (1848-1883)
Meacham,  J. & H.:
  Bass Drum, Albany, New York (1813-1827)
  Bassoon, Albany, New York (1813-1827)
Meacham & Company:
  Clarinet in B-flat,  Albany  (1827-1828)
Meacham & Pond:
  Checklist of Flutes and Fifes by Meacham & Pond
Medcalf (of Wilkie,  Medcalf,  and Bogardus):
  Square Piano,  New York (1827)
Meinel, C. H.:
  Harmonica, The Kentucky Home model, Klingenthal, Germany (ca. 1900)
  Harmonica, Mauritania Commemorative model, Klingenthal, Germany (ca. 1906)
Meinell, William R.:
  Flute in C, New York (1874-1903)
Meisel Family:
  Checklist of Bowed Stringed Instruments Made by Members of the Meisel Family
Meisel,  Carl Christian:
  Violin, Klingenthal, Saxony (1823)
Meisel,  Carl Louis:
  Violin, Klingenthal, Saxony (1886)
Meisel, Friedrich August:
  Violin, Klingenthal, Saxony (1887)
Meisel,  Friedrich Wilhelm:
  Violin,  Quittenbach, Saxony   (1772)
Meisel,  Johann Georg:
  Violin,  Klingenthal, Saxony (1785)
Meisel,  Karl Oswald:
  Violin,  Klingenthal, Saxony (1927)
Meisel,  Kurt Lothar:
  Violin, Klingenthal, Saxony (1947)
  Violin, Birmingham, England (1953)
  Viola, Lakewood, Ohio (1955)
  Viola, Lakewood, Ohio (1956)
  Violin, Owatonna, Minnesota (1971)
  Viola, Owatonna, Minnesota (1975)
  Violin, Owatonna, Minnesota (1976)
  Violoncello, Owatonna, Minnesota (1977-1978)
  Viola, Owatonna, Minnesota (1979)
  Violin, Owatonna, Minnesota (1991)
  Violin, Owatonna, Minnesota (1992)
  Violin, Owatonna, Minnesota (1996)
Meisel,  Kurt Oswald:
  Violin (3/4-size),  Klingenthal (1928)
  Violin,  Owatonna, Minnesota (1965)
Metzler and Company:
  Clarinets in B-flat and C,  London (1850)
  Cornopean in B-flat, London (1850)
  Keyed Bugle in C,  London  (1840)
Metzler, Valentin:
  Clarinet in B-flat,  London (1815-1830)
  Clarinet in C,  London (1815-1830)
Meyer,  Heinrich Friedrich:
  Oboe,  Hannover (1860)
Meyers,  Herbert:
  Oboe,  Menlo Park,  California (1975)
  Oboe,  Newark,  England (1778-1832)
Milhouse,  William:
  Bassoon by John Hale and William Milhouse, London (1785-1800)
  Bassoon, London (1800-1810)
  Clarinet in B-flat,  London (1820)
  Flute,  London (1806-1837)
  Tenoroon (tenor bassoon), London (1799-1828)
Miller, Burritt:
  Tenor Violin, Montclair and Maplewood, New Jersey (1971)
Miller,  George:
  Clarinet in F,  London (1790)
Miñaca,  Tomas:
  Square Piano,  Madrid (1830)
Miner, Uzal:
  Flute, Hartford, Connecticut (1811-1822)
  Oboe,  Celle (1968)
  Oboe da Caccia,  Celle  (1970)
  Oboe d'amore,  Celle (1970-1971)
Moennig Brothers:
  Two Bassoons, Markneukirchen (1950)
  Oboe,  Markneukirchen (1925-1940)
  Oboes,  Markneukirchen (1934)
  Oboe,  Markneukirchen (1940-1960)
Mollenhauer,  Conrad:
  Tenor Oboe,  Fulda (1946)
  Jugendoboe,  Fulda (1954)
Mollenhauer,  Johann Andreas:
  Bassoon, Fulda (1822-1830)
Mönnig, Gebrüder:
  Clarinet, Markneukirchen (ca. 1920-1939)
Montichiaro, Pergrino di:
  Viola,  Brescia (after 1564)
Montichiaro,  Zanetto di:
  Bass Viol,  Brescia (before 1560)
Monzani and Company:
  Checklist of Flutes
Monzani,  Tebaldo and Company:
  Checklist of Flutes
Moseley, Semie (Mosrite):
  Checklist of Guitars by Semie Moseley (Mosrite)
  Electric Double-Neck Guitar, Carson City, Nevada (1981)
  Electric Lap Steel (Crutch) Guitar, Jonas Ridge, North Carolina (1984)
Moseley, Semie (Mosrite) and Robert Venn:
  Electric Bass Guitar, Bakersfield, California (1968)
Mossman Guitars, S. L.:
  Checklist of S. L. Mossman Guitars
  Clarinet in C,  Paris (1785)
Müller  (Sautermeister and Müller):
  Upright Serpent,  Lyon (1828)
Müller, Louis:
  Flugelhorn,  Lyon (1840)
Muntz, H.:
  Mandar Bahar (long-necked lute)  Bengal, India (20th century)

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