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John Koster welcomes conference attendees.

Photographic Memories of the
First Combined National Meeting of
Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society
Western Early Keyboard Association

Andrew Willis (Greensboro, North Carolina) performs on the Museum's piano by Anton Martin Thÿm, Vienna, ca. 1815-1820.

John Koster
Andrew Willis

"Four Centuries of Great Keyboard Instruments: What They Tell Us"

Conference attendees examine the Tangentenflügel

National Music Museum
The University of South Dakota
May 16-19, 2003

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Note: Click on thumb-nail photos to view larger images. Photos listed in order in which they were taken by the Museum's photographer, Bill Willroth Sr., Vermillion, South Dakota.

Photographs taken on May 16, 2003:

Asako Hirabayashi (Roseville, Minnesota) rehearsing; candids; welcoming remarks by André P. Larson and John Koster; and, performance by Tilman Skowroneck (Olsfors, Sweden) on harpsichord by Jacques Germain, Paris, 1785.


Photographs taken on May 17, 2003:

Performance by Asako Hirabayashi on harpsichord by Joseph Kirckman, London, 1798 and Silbermann spinet; performance by Miklós Spányi (Liminka, Finland) on Tangentenflügel by F. J. Späth & C. F. Schmahl, Regensburg, 1784; and builders' instruments on display.


Photographs taken on May 18, 2003:

Candids; performance by Tilman Skowroneck on the Museum's Italian instruments (harpsichords by Giacomo Ridolfi and by an unknown maker; octave virginal by Onofrio Guarracino, Naples, 1694) in the Arne B. Larson Concert Hall; and, performance by Luisa Morales (Almerěa, Spain), harpsichord, and Cristóbal Salvador, dancer, on harpsichords by José Calisto, Portugal, 1780, and Joseph Kirckman, London, 1798.


Photographs taken on May 19, 2003:

Performance by Susanne Skyrm on piano by Anton Martin Th˙m, Vienna, ca. 1815-1820; and performance by Andrew Willis (Greensboro, North Carolina), also on the Th˙m piano.


Additional photographs may be found on the San Diego Harpsichord Society website.

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