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Images from The Beede Gallery

Rattle (Pu'ili), Hawaii, Mid-20th Century

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NMM 1805.  Rattle (pu'ili), Hawaii, mid-20th century

NMM 1805. Rattle (pu‘ili), Hawaii, mid-20th century. Hollow bamboo tubes with long, narrow slits along three-quarters of the length of the tube. The uncut end, closed by a node, serves as a handle. In older hula kahiko dances, one pu’ili is shaken or tapped against the performer's arm, shoulder, the ground, or against a pu’ili held by another, adjacent dancer. In the modern hula auana, dancers strike their two pu'ili against each other. The resulting sound is soft and rustling. Length: 45-50 cm (17-3/4" - 19-1/2"). Gift of Webster Sill, Vermillion, South Dakota, 1976.

Handle and Slits


Above: Detail of handle, showing tube's node

Below: Slits cut into tube


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