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Natural Trumpet (Towel), Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea, 1970

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NMM 7281.  Natural trumpet, Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea, 1970 Side view #1 Side view #2 Back view

NMM 7281. Natural trumpet (towel), Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea, 1970. Side-blown, wooden, natural trumpet. Human head surrounded by an arch (possibly a symbolic, protective circle) carved above the embouchure hole. Some indigenous groups in the Sepik region, such as the Yamok, believe that the figure of a woman carved inside a circle will bring protection against evil. Length: 61 cm (24"). Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

Head and Embouchure Hole

Human head Embouchure hole

Decorative Carving and Interior View

Carved decoration Interior view

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