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Natural Trumpet (Towel), Papua New Guinea, 1970

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NMM 7283.  Natural trumpet,  Papua New Guinea, 1970 Detail of head

NMM 7283. Natural trumpet (towel), Sepik Region, New Guinea, 1970. Side-blown, wooden, natural trumpet. Elongated oval carving above embouchure hole, with zig-zag, semi-circular, and curvilinear patterns carved along the length of the body. Carvings on New Guinea trumpets differ according to their place of origin and reveal the unique perspectives of various indigenous groups. Often, the meanings of the designs are a mystery to non-tribal members. According to the San Antonio Museum of Art, ". . .  abstract designs are often embedded with metaphysical content and may denote specific animals or complex narratives related to tribal mythology." Additionally, the meaning of the artwork is often esoteric knowledge limited only to initiated men. Length: 73.7 cm (29"). Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

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