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Images from the Lillibridge Gallery

NMM 13562.  Guitar attributed to John D'Angelico, for his uncle, Raphael Ciani, New York, ca. 1923.
Tony & Bonnie Vinatieri Family Trust, 2008.

Front view Bass side view Treble side view Back view

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Inscriptions:  Printed on paper label with decorative border: A. GALIANO / RAPHAEL [Masonic compass] CIANI / FABBRICANTE DI / MANDOLINI / E CHITARRE / GARENTITE


Portrait view

Body:  Stringing:  twelve steel strings.  Soundboard:  two-piece spruce, wide grain.  Back:  two-piece, quarter-cut maple; narrow, horizontal curl. Ribs:  two-piece, quarter-cut maple; faint, medium curl.  Binding: ebony; light hardwood, dyed pink, brown, red, and black hardwood angled and checkerboard trim on top only. Bridge: ebony with moustache shape; angled bone saddle; white celluloid bridge pins with abalone eyes; filled holes on each side of bridge pins and below bridge pins covering screws and nuts, visible on inside; ends of bridge terminate in ebony bridge pin heads with abalone eyes glued to top. Endpin: bone with abalone eye; countersunk.  Rosette: two layers of light hardwood, dyed pink, brown, red, and black hardwood angled and checkerboard trim with white celluloid binding on inside edge of soundhole.  Pick guard: decoratively cut, inlaid imitation tortoise-shell celluloid with abalone floral inlay. Lacquer: later clear.

Views of Body

Front of D'Angelico guitar Bass side of D'Angelico guitar Treble side of D'Angelico guitar Back of D'Angelico guitar

Note:  Click on rosette, pick guard, and bridge above to see larger images of these features

Lower end of D'Angelico guitar

Front, Sides, and Back Views of Peghead

Front of peghead Bass side of peghead Treble side of peghead Back of peghead

Head and Neck:  two-piece maple; irregular wide curl; center strip comprised of rosewood surrounded on each side by two-ply, plain-maple/black-dyed maple strips; veneered on face with brown-stained maple bound in white celluloid; inlaid with mother-of-pearl foliate ornament of same design found on D’Angelico archtops ca. 1932-1933; mother-of-pearl floral ornament at bottom of headstock continues design onto fingerboard. Tuners: two pairs of nickel-plated steel, worm-gear machine tuners with ivoroid heads and decoratively cut plate outlines with impressed floral design.

Views of Fretboard and Neck

Fretboard Bass side of neck Back of neck Treble side of neck

Note:  Click on abalone ornaments and nut on fingerboard to see close-up views

Fingerboard: ebony, half-bound with white celluloid; 19 heavy-gauge nickel-silver frets; floral and foliate mother-of-pearl and abalone ornaments behind 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 15th frets. Nut: bone.

Neck Heel

Neck heel

Heel cap: white ivoroid; three-ply, black-stained maple and plain maple purfling on inside edge; set in from back.

Internal Structure

Linings:  kerfed maple.   Neck block:  medium-brown hardwood; grain runs parallel to plane of top and back; rounded corners.  End block:  mahogany; chamfered corners; maple graft at center, perpendicular to top and back.  Top braces:  four maple top braces with tapered ends; maple bridge plate.  Back braces:  mahogany back graft; four maple back braces with tapered ends.


Measurements:  Total guitar length:  1063 mm (41-21/32″)
Back length:  519 mm (20-7/16″)
Upper bout width:  270 mm (10-5/8″)
Waist width:  227 mm (8-15/16″)
Lower bout width:  380 mm (14-31/32″)
Rib height (including edging) at heel:  97 mm (3-13/16″)
Rib height, at waist:  105 mm (4-1/8″)
Rib height, at end block:  108 mm (4-1/4″)
Head length:  209 mm (8-7/32″)
Head width, top:  73 mm (2-7/8″)
Head width, bottom:  55 mm (2-5/32″)
Neck length (nut to ribs):  331 mm (13″)
Neck width, nut:  49 mm (1-15/16″)
Neck width, heel:  64 mm (2-5/16″)
Soundhole diameter:  98 mm (3-7/8 ″)
Vibrating string length (nut to bridge edge):  high E:  662 mm (26-1/16″); low E:  665 mm (26-3/16″)

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