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Images from the Everist Gallery

NMM 6762.  Electric guitar by Gibson, Inc., Kalamazoo, ca. 1968.
Custom-made ES-355TD.  No serial number.
Ex coll.:  Billy Grammer.  Board of Trustees, 1999.

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NMM 6762.  Electric guitar by Gibson, Inc., Kalamazoo, ca. 1968. Bass side Treble side Back

Thin Series ("thinline") Gibson electric guitars were introduced in 1955 to revitalize the market for electric arch-top guitars, which, by that point, were competing for market share with solid-body electric instruments. The Thin Series had hollow bodies, but with a much more slender profile, reducing the bulk and weight associated with older electric arch-tops. When it appeared that the market would accept the Thin Series, Gibson further narrowed the ribs and installed a block of wood under the top, reducing the feedback problems that plagued hollow-body guitars. The semi-hollow ES-355TD was first introduced in 1958; the original production run was discontinued in 1982.

Front and Back Views of Body


Fretboard and Peghead

Front of peghead
Back of peghead

Neck Heel and Controls

Neck heel

Bridge and Bottom of Guitar


Bottom of guitar

Customizations Made for Billy Grammer

Master volume knob and pickguard

Master Volume Knob

Custom Armrest

Bill Grammer's initials inlaid on fretboard

Bigsby Tailpiece

Grammer's Inlaid Initials

This Thin Series ES-355TD was custom-made to the specifications of Billy Grammer, a Grand Ole Opry star. It is made with a master volume knob, an armrest, a Bigsby tailpiece, a metallic blue finish, no sound holes, and BG inlaid behind the first fret. Grammer is also known for his namesake, the acoustic guitar company, Grammer Guitars, which he founded with the Gower family in Nashville.

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