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NMM 6166.  Guitar by Guild, Westerly, Rhode Island, April 1976.
F-50 RNT (Jumbo) (17″).
Gift of Ann Hicks, Bristol, Tennessee, 1998.

NMM 6166.  Guitar by Guild, Westerly, Rhode Island, April 1976

Influenced by the design of Gibson's revolutionary SJ-200, the Guild F-50 was first introduced in 1954. These large, powerful instruments have been played by well-known artists such as Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton, and Bonnie Raitt, among others. The rosewood back and ribs found on NMM 6166 were first offered as an option in 1965 for $100 more than the curly maple backs and ribs used on the first F-50s. In the 1970s, Guild tried using padouk, a red African hardwood, for the neck of some F-50 Rs, a material that was later abandoned because lacquer finish did not adhere well to the oily wood. Nevertheless, the finish on NMM 6166 remains in excellent condition.

Front, Side, and Back Views

NMM 6166.  Guitar by Guild, Westerly, Rhode Island, April 1976. Treble side of guitar Bass side of guitar Back of guitar

The Guild Name Inlaid on Peghead, Branded on Block, and Printed on Label

Guild name inlaid on peghead
Guild brand

Guild label

Front and Back Views of the Body

Front of guitar Back of guitar

Front and Back of Peghead and Close-up of Tuners

Front of peghead Back of peghead Tuners

Fretboard, Serial Number, and Back of Neck

Fretboard Serial number Back of neck

Soundhole, Neck Heel, and Pick Guard

Neck Heel
Pick Guard

Bridge and Lower End of Guitar


Lower end of guitar

Lit.:  André P. Larson, "Recent Acquisitions," America's Shrine to Music Museum Newsletter 25, No. 5 (November 1998), p. 6.

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