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NMM 6191.  Electric double-neck guitar by Semie Moseley, Carson City, Nevada, 1981.
Ex coll.:  Barbara Mandrell.   Board of Trustees, 1998.

NMM 6191.  Electric double-neck guitar by Semie Moseley, Carson City, Nevada, 1981.

Semie Moseley’s first job at Rickenbacker ended abruptly in 1955, when he was fired for building his own guitar in their factory. The event prompted him to start his own company with Reverend Ray Boatright, an evangelical minister. They combined their names to produce that of the new company, Mosrite. At first the business consisted mostly of custom-built instruments, but after adding other business partners, particularly the rock group, The Ventures, in the 1960s, the company expanded and was building up to 300 guitars a month. Mass production ended in 1969, when the factory closed, but Moseley continued to build custom guitars through the 1970s and '80s.

Barbara Mandrell and Semie Moseley (1935-1992) had worked together since the beginning of her career. Her first record was on Moseley’s Mosrite record label. This album, which made it on the Billboard Charts, was recorded when she was only seventeen.


Close-ups of the Guitar and the Story of Its Use by Barbara Mandrell

Front view of Moseley guitar Back view of Moseley guitar

Close-up of front of body

This electric double-neck guitar was custom-made for Mandrell in 1981. It features a standard guitar neck and a short one with strings tuned an octave higher. She later modified it with Bartolini pickups and Schaller tuners. Her name appears on the back of the longer neck (see below), and one each of her initials appear on the two truss-rod covers. She was photographed with the blue and white, glitter-covered instrument for the back cover of her 1981 album, Barbara Mandrell Live.

Barbara Mandrell's name on back of longer neck

Barbara Mandrell played her then brand-new, electric double-neck guitar in the live recording of her 1981 album, Barbara Mandrell Live, performed in the Roy Acuff Theater at Opryland, U.S.A. Other instruments played on this album by the multi-talented musician include the banjo, dobro, mandolin, lap steel guitar, and saxophone. Musicians collaborating with Mandrell on this recording included her band, "The Do-Rites."

Image from 'Barbara Mandrell Live' album

Close-ups of the Two Pegheads

Front of peghead on shorter neck

The initial, B., appears on the truss-rod cover on the shorter neck.

Back of peghead on shorter neck

Front of peghead on longer neck

The initial, M., along with the maker's signature, Made By / Semie / Moseley / 1981, appear on the peghead of the longer neck.

Back of peghead on longer neck

Literature:  Barbara Mandrell Productions, Barbara Mandrell Live (London:  MCA Records, 1981).  MCA 5243.

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