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Images from The Rawlins Gallery

Guitar by Domenico Sellas, Venice, ca. 1670

NMM 3346.  Guitar by Domenico Sellas, Venice, ca. 1670 Bass side of guitar Treble side of guitar Back of guitar Back of peghead Back of neck Neck heel Back Lower end

Note: Click on any major structural area of the instrument to see a close-up of that area.

NMM 3346. Guitar by Domenico Sellas, Venice, ca. 1670. Five double courses. Original spruce belly with inlaid mother-of-pearl, ivory, and ebony. Fingerboard inlaid with incised, mother-of-pearl plaques. Back and sides of snakewood with ivory stringing. Ebony back of neck and peghead heavily inlaid with ivory figures and foliage. Overall length: 84.27 cm. Arne B. and Jeanne F. Larson Endowment Fund, 1984.


Guitar's rose

Note: Click on image above to see a larger image of the rose.

Soundhole surrounded by ring of overlapping semi-circles of inlaid mother-of-pearl outlined in ebony, ivory, and black mastic. Stained-wood rosette a replacement based upon style of the period.

Views of the Peghead

Front of peghead Back of peghead

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Ebony pegs reconstructed in style of period.

Details of Incised Plaques on Peghead

Maker's name Flowers Crown

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Domenico Sellas, son of the instrument maker Matteo Sellas (b. Füssen, ca. 1574-1586), was born in Venice about 1632. The date inscribed on the peghead, therefore, is spurious. Current scholarship indicates that the instrument was probably made about 1670. The crown ("Alla Corona") inscribed on the peghead was the shop sign used by these two Venetian luthiers.


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