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NMM 6070.  Mandolin by Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, Kalamazoo, 1914.
Style F-4, Artist's Model.  Serial number 17800.
Ex colls.:  Neal Penner, Enid, Oklahoma; Pete Wagener, Savage, Minnesota; Bruce Barton, Vermillion.
Board of Trustees, 1997.

NMM 6070.  Mandolin by Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, Kalamazoo, 1914. Treble side of Gibson mandolin Bass side of Gibson mandolin Back of Gibson mandolin

The Style F-4 was Gibson's most deluxe mandolin in 1914. By this time, the Style F had undergone some important changes. Gibson had replaced the inlaid pick guard with a raised one mounted on metal brackets by 1908. They further modified the Style F body in 1910, eliminating one of the "points" near the scrolled upper rib. In 1911, they added the famous double flower pot inlay to the headstock. The 1914 Style F-4 is still very popular among Gibson aficionados and bluegrass players.

Front and Back of Body

Front of body of Gibson mandolin Back of body of Gibson mandolin

Views of Fretboard, Peghead, and Back of Neck

Fretboard Front of peghead Back of peghead Back of neck

Treble and Bass Sides of Neck Heel

Treble side of neck heel Bass side of neck heel

Tailpiece and Soundhole

Tailpiece Soundhole

Pickguard Patented March 30, 1909 and
Pickguard Support Patented July 24, 1911

Pickguard Pickguard

Pickguard support

Bridge and Lower End of Mandolin


Bottom of mandolin

Lit.:  André P. Larson, "Recent Acquisitions," America's Shrine to Music Museum Newsletter, Vol. 25, No. 1 (October 1997), p. 6.

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