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Images from the Pressler Gallery

Treble (Alto) Recorder by Jan Juriaensz van Heerde, Amsterdam, ca. 1670

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NMM 4504.  Treble recorder by Jan Juriaensz van Heerde, Amsterdam, ca. 1670 Side view #1 Side view #2 Side view #2

NMM 4504. Treble (alto) recorder in F by Jan Juriaensz van Heerde, Amsterdam, ca. 1670. Stamped just below the window, I.V.H. [in a scroll]. One-piece, Indian ivory body. Thumbhole and eight fingerholes (the duplicate hole for the left little finger is plugged with wax). Slightly conical bore (22.5 mm at mouthpiece end to about 18 mm at bell). Ex coll.: Ruth and Paul Schmitt, Krefeld, Germany. Rawlins Fund, 1987.

Maker's Stamp

Maker's stamp

Jan Jurianensz van Heerde (1638-1691) was one of the first flute makers in Amsterdam and the first of three generations of instrument makers in the Van Heerde family. According to its former owners, this recorder was brought to Krefeld, Germany (north of Cologne) around 1850 by a Dutch merchant who gave it to a German merchant in settlement for his debts.

Views of Mouthpiece and Windway

Front of head Side 1 of head Side 2 of head Back of head

Windway Beak

Views of Turning and Wax Plug at Lower End

Turning at lower end Bottom of recorder

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