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Images from The Beede Gallery

Frame Drum (Dhyāngro), Nepal, Early 20th Century

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Frame drum, Nepal, early 20th century Side view Side view Back view

NMM 3980.  Frame drum (dhyāngro), Nepal, early 20th century. Wooden frame drum with goatskin drumheads. Ornately carved wooden handle with sea dragon head (makara) and three scepters of power. Red wax seal attached to base of handle. Employed by faith healers and shaman to invoke the spirits of the heavens. A fetish sealed inside the drum adds variety to each stroke of the long curved cane beater. Diameter: approximately 330-350 mm. Board of Trustees, 1986.

Image of a Procession Including a Dhyangro, From an Undated Postcard

Procession with Dhyangro

Sea Dragon (Makara) Carving on Handle

Side view Back view Side view

Carved wooden handle represents stylized ritual dagger with makara, three scepters of power, and geometric wave motifs.

Image of a Shaman Playing the Dhyāngro From an Undated Postcard

Shaman playing a dhyangro

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