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Images from The Beede Gallery

Conch Shell Trumpet (Rag Gshog-ma), Tibet, 20th Century

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NMM 7199. Conch shell trumpet (rag gshog-ma), Tibet, 20th century.

Back view of conch shell

NMM 7199.  Conch shell trumpet (rag gshog-ma), Tibet, 20th century. Left-turning shell with attached, silver-plated brass wing and elongated posterior rod. Repoussé on wing depicts a sea dragon (makara) and the eight auspicious symbols. Wing lengthens the cavity, producing a lower pitch, as well as serves a decorative function. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

Silver-plated Brass Wing with Makara and Eight Auspicious Symbols

Brass wing

All conch shell trumpets, in the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition, are referred to as dung dkar. Those that feature an attached wing bear the special designation rag gshog-ma.

Sea Dragon (Makara) in Repoussé

Makara on wing

Details of the Eight Auspicious Symbols in Repoussé

Note: no larger images are available for the eight auspicious symbols images below.

Parasol on wing
Golden Fish on wing
Treasure vase on wing
Lotus on wing


Golden Fish

Treasure Vase


Conch shell on wing
Endless knot on wing
Victory banner on wing
Wheel on wing

Conch Shell

Endless Knot

Victory Banner


Conch Shell and Lotus Blossom Ornaments

Conch shell inscribed on back of wing
Lotus badge on conch shell

Conch Shell

Lotus Blossom Ornament

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