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Conch Shell Trumpet (Dung Dkar), Tibet, 20th Century

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NMM 7204.  Conch shell trumpet (dung dkar), Tibet, 20th century.

Back view

NMM 7204.  Conch shell trumpet (dung dkar), Tibet, 20th century. Exposed shell with silver medallion of the Golden Fishes, one of the eight auspicious symbols. Red coral mounted at center of medallion. Mouthpiece formed by removing tip of the spire. Natural spiral of shell creates channel for air to pass. Coral and conch shells are highly prized items of trade in Tibet, as they represent the far-removed exoticism of the ocean. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

Golden Fishes Medallion

Golden Fishes Medallion

Circular silver medallion featuring the auspicious symbol of two golden fish (gser-nya in Tibetan). Originating in India, this symbol represents the two great rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna. It is also symbolic of the male/female relationship and the freedom that can be reached when joined in union. A piece of red coral is attached to the shell between the fish.

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