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Front of NMM

First Floor


Lobby Exhibit: Long Drum from Thailand

Concert Hall

Concert Hall Exhibit: Three Great Harpsichords

First Floor Hallway

First Floor Hallway Exhibits: Recent Acquisitions and Treasures from the Joe and Joella Utley Brass Instrument Collection

Abell Gallery

Abell Gallery: European and American Keyboard Instruments from the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries

Rawlins Gallery

Rawlins Gallery: The Genius of North Italian Stringed Instrument Making 1540-1793

Lillibridge Gallery

Lillibridge Gallery: Great American Guitars

Second Floor

Pressler Gallery

Pressler Gallery: Musical Treasures from the Age of Louis XIV

Cutler Gallery

Cutler Gallery: Musical Innovations of the Industrial Revolution and European Folk Instruments

Bates Harmonica Exhibit

Bates Exhibit: Treasures from the Alan G. Bates Harmonica Collection

Beede Gallery

Beede Gallery: Musical Instruments from the Great Civilizations of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands

Graese Gallery

Graese Gallery: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, The American Civil War, The Golden Age of Bands 1865-1915, a Violin Maker's Workshop, and Banjo & Mandolin Clubs

Lewison Gallery

Lewison Gallery: Nineteenth-century American Reed Organs, Pianos, and a Grand Harmonicon

Everist Gallery

Everist Gallery: The American Music Industry


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