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Explore the Lewison Gallery

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View of Lewison Gallery from entrance

The nineteen instruments on display in the Lewison Gallery spotlight 19th-century American reed organs, pianos, and the choralcelo—an electromechanical keyboard instrument invented by Melvin L. Severy and George B. Sinclair just before 1900—as well as a contemporary Hammond electric organ.

Front of the Lewison Gallery, near entrance

Two ornate, American reed organs by Packard (Fort Wayne, Indiana, ca. 1885-1900) and Cornish (Washington, New Jersey, ca. 1890) can be seen near the gallery's entrance. The NMM's model D-152 electric organ by the Hammond Organ Company, Chicago, (1962) is located nearby.

For more information about the instruments in this gallery, visit the NMM's Virtual Tour.

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Upright grand (giraffe) piano by Schimmel & Nelson, Faribault, Minnesota, ca. 1889 Upright piano ("Grand a la Pompadour") by Jacob Doll, New York, ca. 1900-1910 Upright piano by Decker Brothers, New York, ca. 1895. Concert grand piano by Chickering and Sons, Boston, ca. 1884  Square piano by John Kearsing "from London" for John J. Rickers, 187 Broadway, New York, ca. 1825 Square piano by Charles Albrecht, Philadelphia, ca. 1795