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Sound Samplings

An Index of Sound Clips of
Selected Musical Instruments at the NMM

Bowed Stringed Instruments

NMM 3351. Violoncello, The King, by Andrea Amati, Cremona, after 1538. Witten-Rawlins Collection, 1984.

• Excerpt from live King cello demonstration by Joshua Koestenbaum (2005)
at the NMM conference, The Secrets, Lives, and Violins of the Great Cremona Makers 1505-1744

NMM 14470. Violin, The King Henry IV, by Antonio and Girolamo Amati, Cremona, ca. 1595. Ex colls.: King Henry IV, France; François de Bassompierre and family, France; King Louis XVIII, France; Jean-Baptiste Cartier, Paris; George Hart, London; Royal de Forest Hawley, Hartford, Connecticut; Albert Hastings Pitkin, Hartford; Lyon & Healy, Chicago; Edmund V. Bukolt, Stevens Point, Wisconsin; The Copernicus Cultural Foundation, Chicago. Purchase funds gift of Kevin Schieffer, Sioux Falls, 2010.

• Excerpt from live demonstration by Eunho Kim, USD Assistant Professor of Music,
at a presentation ceremony held in the Arne B. Larson Concert Hall, May 14, 2010

•Listen to Peter McGuire of the Minnesota Orchestra perform J. S. Bach's
Partita No. 3 in E Major on The King Henry IV violin, on YouTube

NMM 4548. Violin by Jacob Stainer, Absam bei Innsbruck, 1668. Ex colls.: Fridolin Hamma, Stuttgart; W. E. Hill & Sons, London; Sam Bloomfield, San Diego. Board of Trustees, in memory of Arne B. & Jeanne F. Larson, 1988.

Excerpt from the CD Jacob Stainers Instrumente
  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Rosenkranz-Sonaten Nr. 16, Passacaglia in g-Moll für Violine solo
  • Biber, Harmonica Artificiosa-Ariosa, Partia VI in D-Dur für 2 Violenen & Basso continuo, Aria mit 13 Variationen
CD available from the Gift Shop

NMM 3598. Violin, The Harrison, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1693.  Ex colls.: Richard Harrison, London; Henry Hottinger, New York; Kyung-Wha Chung, London. Rawlins Fund, 1984.

Listen to musical excerpts from a live performance by Eugene Fodor in Vermillion, April 6, 2002.
  • J. S. Bach, Fugue from Sonata No. 1 in g minor, BWV 1001
  • Niccolo Paganini, Caprice No. 2, from Four Caprices, Opus 1
  • Antonio Vivaldi, Allegro, from The Four Seasons: Spring
  • Vivaldi, Largo, from The Four Seasons: Spring
  • Vivaldi, Allegro, from The Four Seasons: Spring

NMM 10845. Bass viola da gamba, Antonio Stradivari Workshop, Cremona, ca. 1730. Converted into a violoncello with an adjustable neck by Jos. Wagner, 1831. Karl and Helen Fruh Estate, 2005.

• Excerpt from live demonstration by Joshua Koestenbaum (2005)
at the NMM conference, The Secrets, Lives, and Violins of the Great Cremona Makers 1505-1744

Brass Instruments

NMM 7160.  Natural trumpet in D by Johann Leonhard Ehe III, Imperial City of Nürnberg, ca. 1750 (between 1722-1771). Ex coll.: Edward H. Tarr, Rheinfelden-Eichsel, Germany. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collction, 1999.

Excerpts from Edward H. Tarr, Baroque Masterpieces for Trumpet & Organ, Vol. III (Nonesuch Records: 1978)
with George Kent, organist, playing the Silbermann-Kern Organ of the Temple of St. Jean, Mulhouse, France


NMM 9857-9926. Gamelan, Kyai Rengga Manis Everist by Ud Soepoyo, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, 1999. Purchase funds gift of Margaret Ann Everist, Sioux City, Iowa, 1999.

Excerpts from the CD, Sayuk: Together in Harmony, played by
The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble of the Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota.

  • Ladrang, Sri Wibowo-Srepeg, Laras Slendro Pathet Songo (1904)
  • Gendhing, Titipati, Kethuk 2 Kerep Minggah 4, Laras Slendro Pathet Enem (ca. 1820-1823)
  • Ketawang, Manggung Sore, Laras Slendro Pathet Manyuro, arranged by Marto Pengrawit (1954)
  • Ketawang Gendhing, Sumedhang, Ketuk 2 Kerep Minggah (19th century)
  • Joko Sutrisno, Ketawang, Sari, Laras Pelog Pathet Limo (2005)
  • Lancaran, Sayuk-Sampak, Laras Pelog Pathet Barang by Marto Pengrawit (1950), arranged by Sutrisno
  • Sutrisno, Lagu, Pemut, Laras Pelog Pathet Enem (2007)
CD available from the Gift Shop

• Listen to an "Audio Postcard," a short interview with members of the Tatag Gamelan Ensemble (USD), produced by Susan Hanson (South Dakota Public Radio), following an April 2004 performance at the NMM. Members interviewed include Gamelan Director, Deborah Check Reeves (NMM Curator of Education), Maggie Sampson, Karen Lipp, and Shawn Parker.

Keyboard Instruments

NMM 4657. Harpsichord attributed to Giacomo Ridolfi, Italy, ca. 1662-1682. Ex coll.: Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio. Purchase funds given by Margaret Ann and Hubert H. Everist, Sioux City, Iowa, 1989.

Excerpts from the CD, In Stil Moderno: The Fantastic Style in Early Seventeenth-century Italy,
played by Ingrid Matthews, Baroque violin, and Byron Schenkman, harpsichord Excerpts from the CD, Canzoni da Sonar: Early Italian Violin Music on Vocal Models,
played by Ingrid Matthews, Baroque violin, and Byron Schenkman, harpsichord CD available from the Gift Shop

Two works by Antonio de Cabezón, recorded by John Koster, NMM Conservator,
for the C@BEZON500 project organized by the Festival Internacional de Música de Tecla Española (FIMTE)

*Note: Koster's recording of the Diferencias is the first to include his restoration of eight measures, a repeat inadvertently omitted from the original source and missing in modern editions.

NMM 6204. Harpsichord by José Calisto, Portugal, 1780. Ex coll.: Wolfgang Ruf, Emmetten, Switzerland. Rawlins fund, 1999.

Excerpts from the CD, Pedro António Avondano Sonatas, played by Rosa Lanzelotte CD available from the Gift Shop

NMM 3327. Harpsichord by Jacques Germain, Paris, 1785. Rawlins fund, 1983.

Excerpts from the CD, Jean-Baptiste Forqueray: Pièces de Clavecin, played by Arthur Haas Excerpts from the CD, Johann Sebastian Bach: Six English Suites, played by Edward Parmentier

CDs above available from the Gift Shop

Excerpts from the CD, Jean-Henri D'Anglebert, Pièces de Claveçin, played by Arthur Haas

NMM 3328. Harpsichord by Joseph Kirckman, London, 1798. Rawlins fund, 1983.

Excerpts from the CD, Soler and Scarlatti in London: A Selection of Blended Sonatas, played by Luisa Morales
CD available from the Gift Shop

NMM 5055.  Grand piano by Manuel Antunes, Lisbon, 1767. Ex coll.: Augusto Carvello Monteiro, Lisbon. Rawlins Fund, 1990.

Excerpts from the CD, The Portuguese Fortepiano: 18th-Century Iberian Keyboard Music, played by Edward Parmentier

Excerpts from the CD, Sonate da Cimbalo di piano, e forte detto volgarmente di martelletti (Florence, 1732)
by Lodovico Giustini di Pistoia
, played by Cremilde Rosado Fernandes
CDs above available from the Gift Shop

NMM 4905. Church organ by Christian Dieffenbach, Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1808. Arne B. & Jeanne F. Larson Fund and J. Laiten Weed Estate, 1990.

NMM 6022. Orchestrion by J. P. Seeburg Company, Chicago, ca. 1913. Gift of Douglas and Phyllis Adam, Yankton, South Dakota, 1996.

Plucked Stringed Instruments

NMM 12970. Alpine zither (Arion Perfecta zither) by Franz Schwarzer, Washington, ca. 1891-1920. Schwarzer’s Piano Bottom Perfecta Arion Harp. Ex coll.: John C. Scherer, Director, Twin Cities Zither Club, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Paul and Jean Christian Collection, 2006.

Excerpt from 33-1/3 RPM sound recording, Four Great Waltzes by Johann Strauss, performed by the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antol Dorati (Mercury Classics Olympian Series, MG50019).

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