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NMM 7332. Keyed Trumpet in G by Rainer Egger, Basel, 1998
Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 2003

NMM 7332. Keyed trumpet in G by Rainer Egger, Basel, 1998. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

Two-piece, double-loop, brass body; brass garland with impressed hatch-and-dot pattern. Overlapping tab seam (width of tabs 2 mm at a distance of 23 mm). Bohemian rim. Brass ferrules with engraved and impressed lines. Spoon-shaped, round key heads with white leather pads; brass tone-hole rims soldered to body; keys pivot in brass saddles with extension for spring guidance; leaf springs; keys and saddles stamped with number of key (no. 1 closest to bell).

Five closed keys for the left hand in the following order (related to G-pitch): g-sharp (little finger, no. 1); a (middle finger, no. 2); b-flat (index finger, no. 3); b (middle or ring finger, no. 4); f2 (ring finger, no. 5).

Accessories: Two single-coiled crooks for E and E-flat.

Sounding length: 1560 mm (G), 1922 mm (E), 2040 mm (E-flat); internal diameter receiver: 11.3 mm, internal diameter minimum (at 28 mm): 10 mm; bell diameter: 120 mm.

A copy of the keyed trumpet by Alois Doke, Linz, ca. 1825, in the Historisches Museum Basel (no. 1980.2369). The signature, A. Egger, refers to the firm's name, Adolf Egger, the maker's father.


Engraving on garland of NMM 7332.

Engraved on garland: A. Egger, Basel

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