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NMM 7161. Keyed Trumpet in F by Joseph Greenhill, London, ca. 1830
Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 2003

NMM 7161.  Keyed Trumpet in F by Joseph Greenhill, London, ca. 1830. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999. Side view of keyed trumpet in F by Joseph Greenhill, London, ca. 1830.

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Three-piece (two cylindrical segments and bell), double-loop, brass body; brass garland, ferrules, and keys. Delicate, overlapping tab seam (width of tabs 2 mm). Saxon rim, iron wire insert. Receiver ferrule with eight engraved lines, other ferrules with four engraved lines. Flat, round key heads with beige leather pads (old); brass tone-hole rims soldered to body; keys pivot in brass saddles with guiding nose; brass leaf springs.

Shape of saddle with key guiding nose:

Saddle of NMM 7161 Close-up view of keys

Three keys in the following order: E (open key, little finger/right hand); F-sharp (closed key, ring finger/right), G (closed key, index finger/right)

Accessories: none

Sounding length: 1811 mm (E-key closed) and 1698 mm (E-key open); internal diameter receiver: 10 mm; bell diameter: 116 mm.

Joseph Greenhill is listed as "Professor and manufacturer of the Royal Kent Bugle" in the London address book of 1835. While other instruments by him that survive are indeed keyed bugles (for example, in the Royal College of Music, London, no. 326 BS/2), this instrument is a hybrid. It is double-folded, like a trumpet, and in eight-foot pitch (not an octave higher, like the keyed bugle). It has a typical trumpet bell shape. However, when played, it is held like a keyed bugle, not horizontally like a keyed trumpet of the Austrian type. With the lowest key open, the trumpet is pitched in F; closing the key lowers the pitch to E-flat.


Engraved plaque on bell of NMM 7161

Engraved on silver plaque on bell: Jos Greenhill / 18 Little Britain / LONDON

Lit.: Sabine Klaus, "Keyed Trumpet in F by Joseph Greenhill" in "Historical Instrument Window," Edward H. Tarr, editor, International Trumpet Guild Journal, Vol. 27, No. 2 (January 2003), p. 55.

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