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NMM 10786. Keyed Trumpet in G by Gebrüder Hoyer, Vienna, ca. 1835
Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 2003

NMM 10786. Keyed trumpet by Gebrüder Hoyer, Vienna, ca. 1835.  Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Foundation, 2005.

Two-piece (main tubing, bell), double-loop brass body; brass garland with scallop shells, impressed from the back. Delicate, overlapping tab seam (width of tabs ca. 1-2 mm at a similar distance). Nürnberg rim, flattened wire impressed with vertical hatching. Ferrules with two groups of engraved and impressed lines. Flat round key heads, no pads remain; brass tone-hole rims soldered to body; keys pivot in oblong brass saddles with slightly sloping or curved top surface; brass leaf springs riveted to key shanks.

Five closed keys for the left hand, beginning with the one nearest the bell, provide the following notes: 1) g-sharp (little finger); 2) a (index finger); 3) b-flat (index finger); 4) b-natural (middle finger); and, 5) f2 (ring finger).

Accessories: Brass tuning bit with two ears (not original).

Sounding length: 1521 mm; internal diameter receiver: 11.5 mm; internal diameter minimum (at ca. 59 mm): 10.3 mm; bell diameter: 129 mm.

The keyed trumpet is signed by the Brothers Hoyer in Vienna. It is the same Austrian model as the NMM's example by Eduard Johann Bauer in Prague (NMM 10525), although the key arrangements differ slightly. The brothers, Andreas and Franz, were dealers, and the decoration on the garland shows great similarities with the garland of a natural trumpet by Joseph Felix Riedl, Vienna, 1826 (NMM 10784).

In both cases, similar scallop shells were impressed from the back. The rim wires, soldered to the edge of the garland like in a Nürnberg rim, are also similar, consisting of a flattened wire with embossed vertical hatching. While it is not known for certain who built the instrument, a Viennese provenance can be assumed.


Hoyer's signature

Relatively crude letters stamped on garland: GEB: [embossed Hapsburg double eagle surrounded by dots in oval] HOŸER.

Lit.:  Sabine Klaus, "Found in the Sunny South . . . A Natural Trumpet by Johann Carl Kodisch, Imperial City of Nürnberg, After 1681," National Music Museum Newsletter, Vol. 32, No. 1 (February 2005), pp. 4-5.

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