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NMM 6909. Keyed Trumpet in G by John Webb, London, 1988
Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 2003

NMM 6909. Keyed trumpet by John Webb, London, 1988. Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection, 1999.

Stamped on copper plaque at garland: WEBB / LONDON; stamped on bell, 89

Four-piece (leadpipe, tuning slide, bow, bell), double-loop, brass body; brass garland. Overlapping tab seam (width of tabs 2 mm at a distance of 23 mm), flaring part attached separately. Italian rim, probably brass wire insert. Ferrules with two, six and nine engraved lines respectively. Flat, round key heads with stuffed brown leather pads; brass tone-hole rims with one engraved line soldered to body; keys pivot in brass saddles on eliptical mounts; spiral springs.

Keys of NMM 6909

Six closed keys for the right hand in the following order (related to G-pitch): a-sharp (little finger, no. 1); a (middle finger, no. 2); b-flat (index finger, no. 3); b (index finger, no. 4); f1 (middle finger, no. 5); f-sharp1 (ring finger, no. 6).

Accessories: Brass mouthpiece, stamped 5; four single-coiled crooks for F, E, E-flat and D, one tuning bit with ears; mahogany case with brass fittings and printed paper label, JOHN WEBB / TRUMPET MAKER / 31 POTTERY LANE, LONDON W11 4LY, ENGLAND / Tel: 01-221 6767.

Sounding length: 1550 mm (G), with tuning bit 1625 mm (G, low pitch), 1782 mm (F), 1919 mm (E), 1987 mm (E-flat), and 2100 mm (D); internal diameter receiver: 12.2 mm, internal diameter minimum (at 20 mm): 11 mm; bell diameter: 140 mm.

A copy of the keyed trumpet by Valeriano Beni, Cittą di Castello, 1836, at the Horniman Museum, London (no. 286), faithful in all details, except for the use of spiral springs instead of flat springs.

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