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NMM 7033.  Over-the-shoulder cornet in B-flat by John Franklin Stratton, New York, ca. 1860. 
Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection of Brass Instruments, 1999.

NMM 7033.  Over-the-shoulder cornet in B-flat by John Franklin Stratton, New York, ca. 1860

John Franklin Stratton established a business as a brass instrument maker and dealer in New York City in 1859. In 1864 he formed a partnership with John Howard Foote under the name of Stratton & Foote. Therefore, the date of this over-the-shoulder cornet can be narrowed down to the years between 1859 and 1864.

Engraved on brass plaque at bell:  John F. / Stratton / New = York

Maker's signature engraved on brass plaque

Body:  Four-piece, single-loop brass body with tuning slide on first bow. Overlapping tab seam (sloping tabs 5 mm wide and 6 mm apart). Garland with one engraved line close to the upper edge; Saxon rim with iron-wire insert. Ferrules with one engraved line adjacent to each edge; receiver ferrule with two engraved lines. Bell to the left of the leadpipe.

Rotary Valves

Valves:  Three top-action, string-operated, rotary valves. Coil-spring return mechanism; reciprocal driver pivot stopped by V-shaped cork buffers. First and third valves with internal slide tubing, second valve without slide. Windway: first, second, third valve.

Accessories and Sounding Length

Accessories:  none

Sounding length:  1278 mm; internal diameter, receiver: 10.1 mm; internal diameter, receiver minimum (at ca. 32 mm): 9.9 mm; bore diameter (inner valve slides): 10.7 mm; bell diameter: 110 mm.

This instrument is currently on loan to the the Meredith Willson Museum in Mason City, Iowa for the exhibition, Ya Gotta Know the Territory: The Musical Journey of Meredith Willson, designed and installed in 2002 by the National Music Museum.

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