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Checklist of
Side-Action, String-Operated Rotary Valve Instruments in
The Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection of Brass Instruments

(in chronological order)


Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory
Fiske, Isaac
G. J. A.
Hall & Quinby
Martin, Pollmann & Co.
Slater & Martin
Quinby Brothers
Wright, E. G.
Zoebisch & Sons, C. A.

NMM 6884.  Cornet in B-flat and A attributed to Isaac Fiske, Worcester, Massachusetts, ca. 1865.

NMM 7073. Cornet in B-flat and A by E. G. Wright & Co., Boston, ca. 1865.

NMM 6828. Cornet in B-flat by C. A. Zoebisch & Sons, New York City, ca. 1865-1890.

NMM 6829. Cornet in B-flat and A by Hall & Quinby, Boston, ca. 1866-1876.

NMM 6830. Cornet in B-flat, A, and G by Slater & Martin, New York City, ca. 1869-1871.

NMM 6982. Cornet in E-flat, U.S.A., ca. 1870.

NMM 7074. Circular cornet in B-flat, Germany, ca. 1870.

NMM 6827. Cornet in E-flat by Martin, Pollmann & Co., New York City, ca. 1872-1880.

NMM 7337. Tenor valve trombone in B-flat by the Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory, ca. 1875.

NMM 6804. Alto cornet in E-flat by Quinby Brothers, Boston, ca. 1876-1884.

NMM 6986. Alto horn in E-flat, Boston, ca. 1880. Helicon style.

NMM 6831. Cornet in B-flat by G. J. A., Germany or U.S.A., ca. 1890.

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