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Violin by Carl Louis Meisel, Klingenthal, 1886

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NMM 6143.  Violin by Carl Louis Meisel, Klingenthal, 1886 Bass side view Back of violin

NMM 6143. Violin by Carl Louis Meisel (1847-1905), Klingenthal, Saxony, 1886. Gift of Kurt Lothar and Patricia A. Meisel, Owatonna, Minnesota, 1998.


Soundholes of violin by Carl Louis Meisel, 1886

Technical Information

Label: paper, with handwritten, regional cursive lettering, in black ink:  Louis Meisel [n. Ortsteil] / in Klingenthal 1886.
Top: two-piece, quarter-cut spruce, wide grain; dowel or nail hole through top into top block.
Back: one-piece, slab-cut, plain maple.
Ribs: slab-cut maple with birdseye figure.
Head and neck: maple with medium curl and birdseye figure; inside of pegbox stained dark brown.
Varnish: medium orange-brown; neck varnished.
Fingerboard: ebony.
Nut: ebony.
Saddle: ebony.
F-holes: flared wings.
Linings: spruce.
Corner blocks: spruce.

Pegbox and Scroll

Front view of scroll on violin by Carl Louis Meisel, 1886 Bass side view of scroll Back view of scroll


Back length: 359 mm.
Upper bout width: 165 mm.
Center bout width: 111 mm.
Lower bout width: 207 mm.
Rib height: 31-32 mm.
Stop length: 196 mm.
Vibrating string length: 326 mm.
Original neck length (nut to ribs): 130 mm.

Lit.: André P. Larson, "Recent Acquisitions," America's Shrine to Music Museum Newsletter 25, No. 4 (August 1998), p. 6.

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K. Lothar Meisel with Betty Vos, The Meisel Family Violin Makers:  Klingenthal, Vogtland, Saxony (Ely, Minnesota: Singing River Publications, Inc., 2007), pp. 114-117.

The NMM preserves violins from each of eight generations of the Meisel family.

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