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Images from The Rawlins Gallery

Violin, The Harrison, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1693

Note: Click on any major structural area of the instrument to see a close-up of that area.

NMM 3598. Violin, The Harrison, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1693.  Ex colls.: Richard Harrison, London; Henry Hottinger, New York; Kyung-Wha Chung, London. Rawlins Fund, 1984.

Called the greatest concert violin built before 1700, it is one of but half a dozen Strads to survive with its original neck. "Modernized" probably early in the 19th century, when Italian instruments became the preferred standard, as performing venues got larger. Nicknamed The Harrison after Richard Harrison, an English solicitor and amateur musician who owned the instrument in the 19th-century; he, like many of his colleagues, played string quartets in his home on Sunday afternoons. The instrument can be heard on modern recordings by Kyung-Wha Chung, the great Korean violinist.



Note: Click on image above to see a larger image of the soundholes.

Shown in color as the frontispiece of the standard biography, Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737), published in 1902 by William E. Hill & Sons of London, it was one of 44 instruments chosen to be shown at the international exhibition held in Cremona in 1987 to mark the 250th anniversary of Stradivari's death.

Pegbox and Scroll Views

Front view of pegbox Back view of pegbox

Note: Click on images above to see larger images of the pegbox.

Bass side view of pegbox Treble side view of pegbox

Note: Click on images above to see larger images of the pegbox.

Neck Heel Views

Bass side of neck heel
Neck heel, back, bass side
Back view of neck heel
Neck heel, back, treble side
Treble side of neck heel

Bass side

Back, bass side


Back, treble side

Treble side

Note: Click on images or text above to see larger images of the neck heel area.

The Harrison is one of only a handful of Stradivari violins that survive with its original neck, blocked out at the base of the neck, with oxidation showing from the three original nails, as can be seen the photos above

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