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Alpine Zither (Salzburger form) attributed to Johann Halswanter, Munich, ca. 1880-1890

Front view of zither Left  side view Right  side view Back view

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NMM 12563. Alpine zither (Salzburger form) attributed to Johann Halswanter, Munich, ca. 1880-1890. 32 strings (5 melody, 27 accompaniment). Body: 560 mm long, 222 mm wide at bottom; fretboard: 351 mm long. Labelled: MADE TO ORDER / FOR / PROF. J. SCHWEMBERGER. Ex coll.: John Schwemberger, Minneapolis; John Christian Scherer III, Director, Twin Cities Zither Club, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Paul and Jean Christian Collection, 2006.

Zither Head, Fretboard, and Tuning Pins

Upper end of zither
Head of zither Fretboard
Tuning pins



According to a handwritten note preserved with this zither, Prof. John Schwemberger sold this zither to his pupil, John C. Scherer III, on October 12, 1894. Schwemberger, who offered zither lessons at his No. 25 South Second Street studio, was the sole agent in Minneapolis for zithers made by Halswanter and K. Hof.

Lower End Bridges and Hitch Pins

Lower end

Lower end hitch pins

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