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Violin Zither (Bowed Zither) by Franz Schwarzer,
Washington, Missouri, 1888

Zither in playing position

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NMM 2860. Violin zither (bowed zither) by Franz Schwarzer, Washington, Missouri, 1888. Concert Violin Zither No. 106. Serial number 2959. 4 strings. Body: 623 mm long; fretboard: 321 mm long; vibrating string length: 352 mm. Originally sold to musical instrument dealer, Theodore Lohr, New York City, October 23, 1888. An early example of Schwarzer's concert violin zither of which 196 were sold between 1885-1951. Engraved silver plate at head. Arne B. Larson Collection, 1979.

Front, Side, and Back Views

Front view Left side view Right side view Back view

Advertisement for Concert Violin Zithers from Schwarzer Catalog, 1898

Schwarzer catalog



Views of Peghead, Serial Number, and Neck Heel

Serial number
Neck heel


Serial Number

Neck Heel

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