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Images from the Study-Storage Collection

Triple Zither (Trillingszither), Tyrol, Late 18th Century

Front view Left side view Right side view Back view

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NMM 11721. Triple zither (Trillingszither), Tyrol, late 18th century. Stamped on back: Joßeph Salzer / Wien / 111. [illegible] gasse. 37 strings. Body: 870 mm overall length; back of soundboard: 686 mm long; waist: 295 mm wide; right fretboard: 373 mm long; left fretboard: 350 mm long. Paul and Jean Christian Collection, 2006.

Stamps on Back of Zither

Salzer stamp 1

Salzer stamp 2

Scrolls and Tuning Pins


Neck Heel

Neck heel

Fretboards and Decorative Details

Two fretboards One fretboard Left fretboard decoration Middle fretboard decoration Right fretboard decoration

Lower End Bridges and String Attachment

Larger bridge

Smaller bridge

Lower end

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