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This website was created and is maintained by Margaret Downie Banks, Associate Director and Senior Curator of Musical Instruments

Photographs appearing on this website were taken by the following people (in alphabetical order): Barry L. Banks, Margaret Downie Banks, Alan G. Bates, Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet, Tucker Densley, Jayson Dobney, Valerie Hoeppner, Bernhard von Hünerbein, Sandra L. King, John Koster, Craig Kridel, Mark Olencki, Mary Petersen, Deborah Check Reeves, Sarah Deters Richardson, Malcolm Rose, Don Scott, Simon Spicer, Michael Suing, Matthew Tolzmann, and Bill Willroth Sr.

Checklists of musical instruments appearing on this website were prepared and updated by the following people (in alphabetical order): Margaret Downie Banks, Michael Cwach, Jayson Dobney, Darla Earnest, Emily J. Heisterkamp, Rodger S. Kelly, Sabine Klaus, Stephanie Kocher, John Koster, Darcy Kuronen, André P. Larson, Jenna Makowski, Belinda Nemec, Mary Oleskiewicz, Phil Pierick, Lee Raine Randall, Deborah Check Reeves, Sarah Deters Richardson, Arian Sheets, Michael Suing, and Anna Yeagle.

Technical diagrams of elements of brass instrument construction appearing on this website were prepared by Sabine Klaus. The Stoelzel valve animation was created by Mark Vickrey.

The NMM's Website has been recognized and featured both in electronic media and printed publications. We would like to show our appreciation to the publishers by including information about their publications and websites here.

SafeSurf Rated
All Ages

This website has been rated as a SafeSurf website for all ages.

The NMM was chosen as one of three "Musicology Museums" to be listed in Internet Field Trips by Gary M. Garfield and Suzanne McDonough (Glenview, Illinois: Good Year Books, 1998), a resource for students in grades 4-8. A total of 57 well-established museums are listed in this new resource, a "part of the 'new' curriculum, combining the best traditional methods of teaching with the contemporary technology of the Internet."

It is also featured in Internet Family Fun: the Parent's Guide to Safe Surfing by Bonnie Bruno with Joel Comm (San Francisco: No Starch Press, 1997).

The NMM is one of only fifty museums featured in Saul Rubin's book Offbeat Museums (Santa Monica Press, 1997).

The NMM and its website were featured in Prairie Magazine in 1998, an electronic journal sponsored by Gateway 2000.

The NMM is featured on StudyWeb as "one of the best educational resources on the Web." StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers.

Another educational website that has selected the NMM for inclusion is the Webivore Knowledge System. This collection is "an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by Webivore's content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web."

The NMM's website was chosen for inclusion on "MaMaMedia, THE Place for Kids on the Net." gives kids the best of the Net with hundreds of fun activities allowing them to create, play, publish and share, all while building learning and technology skills.

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