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Musical Instrument Links: Links to Related Resources:

Antiques and Collectibles
Band History & Music
Collections of Musical Instruments (Private)
Collections of Musical Instruments (Public)
Conversions of Various Sorts
Early Music
Employment Opportunities
Festivals & Contests
Folk and World Music
Histories of Instrument Makers
International Expositions and World's Fairs
Instrument Insurers
Jazz History
Makers and Dealers
Making & Repairing Musical Instruments
Museum Sites
Musical Link Lists
Musical Research Resources
Music Notation
Patent Numbers & Dates
Search Engines
Serial Numbers
Sound Recording Archives Links
South Dakota Sites
Stolen Musical Instruments
Technical Drawings
Website Ratings

Centers of Musical Acoustics in Italy
Musical Acoustics Research Library

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Antiques and Collectibles
Guide to Collecting Antiques

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American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
American Society of Appraisers
Antique Piano Shop
Appraisers Association of America
Five Tips on Finding an Appraiser [for Stringed Instruments]
Guitar Price Guide
How Much are Your Old Records Really Worth?
International Society of Appraisers
Kovels' What's it Worth?
Musical Instrument Appraisals
Musical Instrument Blue Book
Online Appraisals of Arts and Antiques
Vintage Drum Appraisal Service

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Band History & Music
Big Bands Database
John Philip Sousa Website

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Collections of Musical Instruments (Private / Online)
Akkordeon-Museum (Germany)
Annotated Catalogue of Historic European Free-Reed Instruments From Stephen Chambers' Private Collection
Cleveland Accordion Museum
Links to Private Collectors of Carvin Guitars and Basses (click on "Collections")
Djurs Harmonika Museum (Ørsted, Denmark)
William Hull Faust Cornet and Trumpet Collection
Horn Collector: Eric Totman's Past and Present Brass Wind Instrument Collection
Mobbs Keyboard Collection
Pictures of Instruments in Jeremy Montagu Collection
Museum of Musical Instruments (virtual online museum)
Whittaker's Musical Experience (Oneroa, Waiheke Island, New Zealand)

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Collections of Musical Instruments (Public)
Acme, Michigan, USA - Music House Museum
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments
Antwerp, Belgium - Museum Vleeshuis
Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA - Frederick Historic Piano Collection
Ashland, Oregon, USA - Schuman Collection of Musical Instruments
Barcelona, Spain - Museu de la Música
Barsy-Flostoy, Belgium - Musée Monopoli (automatic/mechanical musical instruments)
Basel, Switzerland - Musikmuseum, Historisches Museum Basel
Bloomington, Indiana, USA - Elite String Instrument Collection
Bloomington, Indiana, USA - Mathers Museum of World Cultures
Bologna, Italy - International Museum of Music
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Museum of Fine Arts
Briosco, Italy - Collection of Musical Instruments at the Villa Medici Giulini
Brussels, Belgium - Museum of Musical Instruments
Budapest, Hungary - Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum
Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Music History Museum
Carlsbad, California - Museum of Making Music
Castelfidardo, Italy - International Accordion Museum
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA - The Iowa Band Museum
Cesena, Italy - Piano Melodico Museum
Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA - Delta Blues Museum
Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Clintwood, Virginia, USA - Ralph Stanley Museum & Traditional Mountain Music Center
Copenhagen, Denmark - Musikhistorisk Museet
Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
Edinburgh, Scotland - Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments - The John Donaldson Collection of Musical Instruments
Edinburgh, Scotland - St. Cecilia's Hall Museum of Instruments
Florence, Italy - Collezione del Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini Galleria dell'Academia
Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA - De Bence Antique Music World (automatic/mechanical musical instruments)
Geneva, Switzerland - Musée d'ethnographie
Gijón, Asturias, Spain - Museo Internacional de la Gaita (international bagpipe museum)
Grinnell, Iowa, USA - Grinnell College Musical Instrument Collection
The Hague, The Netherlands - Gemeentemuseum
Hamamatsu, Japan - Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments
Hatchlands Park, England - Cobbe Collection
Haubourdin, France - Musée de la Musique Mécanique d'Haubourdin
Havana, Cuba - National Music Museum
Hull, Quebec, Canada - Canadian Museum of Civilization
Jenzat, France - La Maison du Luthier Musee (former workshop of Pajot family, hurdy-gurdy makers)
Kaunas, Lithuania - Povilas Stulga's Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments
Kent, England - Finchcocks Museum of Music
Kremsmuenster, Austria - Streitwieser Brass Instrument Collection, Schloss Kremsegg Castle
La Couture Boussey, France - Musée des Instruments à Vent
Leipzig, Germany - Grassi Museum für Musikinstrumente der Universität Leipzig
Les Gets, France - Musée de la Musique Mechanique des Gets
Lisbon, Portugal - Museu da Música
London, England - The Horniman Museum
London, England - The Musical Museum (automatic instruments)
London, England - The Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Collections
London, England - The Royal College of Music
Los Angeles, California, USA - UCLA Collection
Lucerne, Switzerland - Richard Wagner Museum
Macon, Georgia, USA - Georgia Music Hall of Fame
Markneukirchen, Germany - Museum of Musical Instruments
Middletown, Connecticut, USA - Virtual Instrument Museum, Wesleyan University Music Department
Montluçon, France - Musée des musiques populaires de Montluçon
Morristown, New Jersey, USA - The Murtogh D. Guinness Collection at the Morris Museum (automatic instruments)
Moscow, Russia - Glinka State Museum of Musical Culture
Munich, Germany - Deutsches Museum
Nazareth, Pennsylvania - Martin Guitar Museum
Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Musée d'Ethnographie
New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments
New York, New York, USA - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nürnberg, Germany - Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Opatówek, Poland - Museum of Industrial History
Oxford, England - Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology (virtual image tour only)
Oxford, England - The Bate Collection, University of Oxford
Oxford, England - Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
Paris, France - Musée de la Musique, Cité de la Musique
Paris, France - Les Pavillons de Bercy (automatic/mechanical musical instruments)
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - The MIM (The World's First Global Musical Instrument Museum)
Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA - The Band Museum
Ptuj, Slovenia - The Collection of Musical Instruments, Pokrajinski Muzej Ptuj
Poughkeepsie, New York, USA - Vassar College Collection
Poznan, Poland - Museum of Musical Instruments
Pune, Maharashtra, India - Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum
Quebec, Canada - Canadian Museum of Civilization
Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada - Revelstoke Nickelodeon Museum
Rome, Italy - National Museum of Musical Instruments
Ruppersthal, Austria - Ignaz J. Pleyel Museum
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - Museum of Musical Instruments, The Schubert Club
Seattle, Washington, USA - Experience Music Project
Sherman Oaks, California, USA - Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic, and Just Plain Unusual Instruments
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - Brass Players Museum
Stockholm, Sweden - The Nydahl Collection
Stockholm, Sweden - The Stockholm Music Museum
Superior, Wisconsin, USA - A World of Accordions Museum
Switzerland - Click on "Museen der Schweiz" for List of Major Public Collections of Musical Instruments in Switzerland
Syracuse, New York, USA - Empire State Theatre & Musical Instrument Museum
Taiwan - Chi Mei Museum
Tokyo, Japan - Collection for Organology, Kunitachi College of Music
Trondheim, Norway - Ringve Museum
Trossingen, Germany - Deutsches Harmonikamuseum
Tübingen, Germany - Musikwissenschaftliches Institut
Turku, Finland - The Sibelius Museum
Urueña, Valladolid, Spain - Museo de la Música Colección Luis Delgado
Vermillion, South Dakota, USA - National Music Museum
Vienna, Austria - Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente, Kunsthistorisches Museum
Washington, DC, USA - Library of Congress Collections of Musical Instruments
Washington, DC, USA - Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection, Library of Congress
Washington, DC, USA - National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Winter Park, Florida, USA - The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum
Wiscasset, Maine, USA - The Musical Wonder House (automatic/mechanical musical instruments)
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada: Instrument Collections
International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
Links to Worldwide Museums of Automatic and Mechanical Musical Instruments
Musical Instrument Museums Online (European Museums only)

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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
The Care of Historic Musical Instruments, edited by R. L. Barclay (online version)
Conservation Online
Getty Conservation Institute
Heritage Preservation
Museum, Library and Archives Conservation/Preservation Departments
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
National Register of Historic Places
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Northeast Document Conservation Center
"Recommendations for Conservation of Musical Instruments in Collections: Annotated Bibliography" (1993)
"Recommendations for Regulating the Access to Musical Instruments in Public Collections" (1985)
Restoration and Conservation of Historical Keyboard Instruments:  Some General Guidelines by Grant O'Brien
Save America's Treasures
"Training in Musical Instrument Conservation" (1994)
US National Park Service Division of Conservation

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Conversions of Various Sorts
Megaconverter (converts measurements of all sorts)
Universal Currency Converter

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Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
Crash Course in Copyright
Ivan Hoffman, Attorney, Copyright Issues
The Publishing Law Center

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Dictionaries (links to multi-lingual dictionaries) (trace quotations, passages, phrases, proverbs)
Internet Acronym Server
Miriam-Webster Online

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Early Music
Ancient Egyptian Music, Dance, and Musical Instruments
Carolina Baroque
Early Music America
Early Music Chicago
Diabolus in Music: Guide to Early Instruments
Goldberg--The Early Music Portal
Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments
Musical Archaeology of the Tympanum of Moissac
Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh

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Employment & Training Opportunities
American Association of Museums, Careers in Museum/Government Agencies
Mountain-Plains Museums Association Job Bank
Museum Jobs

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Festivals & Contests
Fiddle Contests in the United States
The Great American Brass Band Festival (Danville, Kentucky)

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Folk & World Music
American Gamelan Institute
American Music Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Australian Didgeridoo Cultural Hub
Carousel Publications (dealer in world instruments)
The Ethnic Musical Instruments Database
House of Musical Traditions (dealer in world instruments)
Indonesian Gamelan
International Library of African Music
Mid-East Mfg., Inc. (ethnic instruments)
Mugwumps (folk musical instruments)
Musical Saws
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Smithsonian Global Sound
World Music Central: Folk and Roots Music and Musical Instrument Museums

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Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks

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Histories of Instrument Makers and Companies
Gebrüder Alexander
American Plating & Manufacturing Company
J. J. Babbitt
Vincent Bach Company History
Vincent Bach Instruments, History of ("Bachology")
Surviving 19th-century F. Besson and Besson & Co. London-stamped brass instruments
Blüthner Pianos
Bösendorfer Pianos
Surviving Boosé, Boosey, and Boosey & Hawkes Brass Instruments
Broadwood Pianos
Carvin Musical Instruments Museum (online)
A Brief History of the Conn Company, 1874-present
History of J. D'Addario & Company, Inc.
Danelectro Guitars History
Epiphone Guitars
Vintage Fender Guitars, Basses, Amps
Fender History
Feurich Pianos
Framus Guitars History
Gibson Guitar History
Goya Guitars
Gretsch Guitars
A Little History of Gretsch
Haarnack Harps
History of Hagström Guitars
Hammond Organ History and Reference
Hammond As In Organ: The Laurens Hammond Story by Stuyvesant Barry
History of Wilhelm Heckel GmbH
Heritage Guitars, Inc.
A Trip Through the Holton Factory (1920) (online facsimile)
The Great Elias Howe Mystery
Ibach Pianos
Indiana Instrument Builders: Crafting Sound
Kay Guitars History
Julius Keilwerth Saxophones
The Knutsen Archives
Surviving Köhler Brass Instruments
Kohlert Saxophone Timeline
Larsons Creations
Leedy Drum Company History
William Lewis & Son
Lloyd Allayre Loar History
Louis Lot Flutes
Ludwig and Musser Company History
Maccaferri History
The C. F. Martin Story
Martin Mandolin History
History of the Martin Ukulele
Henry C. Marx
Marxochime Colony
Friederich Menzenhauer
Mossman Guitars
History of F. E. Olds and Sons Trumpets
Petrof Pianos
F. A. Reynolds Company
Surviving Rudall Carte Brass Instruments
Surviving Adolphe Sax Brass Instruments
Schimmel Pianos
Seiler Pianos
Selmer Company History
Selmer Guitars
"The SML (Strasser Marigaux saxes) Story"
Steinway & Sons Archives
Taylor Guitars History
History of Vandoren, Paris
H. N. White Company History

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Lute Iconography
Lute of the Month by David Van Edwards
Musical Archaeology of the Tympanum of Moissac
Database of Violin Iconography

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Instrument Insurers
Clarion Associates, Inc. (musical instrument insurance)

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International Expositions and Fairs, 1851-1940
Donald G. Larson Collection on International Expositions and Fairs, California State University, Fresno

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Musical Instruments

General Resources | Automatic or Mechanical Instruments | Brass Instruments | Electronic Instruments | Experimental Instruments | Free Reed Instruments | Keyboard Instruments | Percussion Instruments | Stringed Instruments | Woodwind Instruments

General Resources About Musical Instruments
Brass Links (Ken Davies)
Contrabass Mania
The Ethnic Musical Instruments Database
Europeana (Database to Locate Musical Instruments in European Collections)
Fingering Charts for Band Instruments
Introduction to Historic Musical Instrument Trade Catalogs
Links to Musical Instrument Pages
Links to History of Musical Instruments
Music Trades Magazine Back Issues Search
Music Trade Review (1880-1954)
Musical Heritage Network Instrument Encyclopedia
The Musical Instrument Collection Online Museum
Musical Instrument Museums Online (European museums only)
Musical Instrument Links (Institut für Wiener Klangstil)
Odd, Unusual, Experimental Musical Instruments
Oriscus Musical Instrument Information (links)
Presto Magazine (1928-1941)
Smithsonian Institution's Musical Encyclopedia
Taxonomy of Musical Instruments by Henry Doktorski
Trade Names of Instrument Manufacturers
Unique, Ethnic, Experimental Instruments
Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau (Journal of Instrument Making, 1880-1940)

Automatic or Mechanical Instruments
Musica Mecanica (Links to Automatic/Mechanical Instrument Websites)

Brass Instruments

General Resources About Brass Instruments
Brasswind Terminology
Early Brass Instruments (links)

Evolution of the Bugle: List of North American Bugle Manufacturers and Distributors Active in the Twentieth Century

The Cornet Compendium: History and Development of the Nineteenth-Century Cornet
Pocket Cornets
Vintage Cornet Website

Thomas Bacon Horn Page

John's Ophicleide Directory
Ophicleide Website (in German)
Serpent and Ophicleide Fingering Charts

Serpent Website
Serpent and Ophicleide Fingering Charts
"Tempted by a Serpent" by Douglas Yeo (includes the sound of a serpent)

All Things Shofar

The F Bass Trombone Page

R. Jones Trumpet Page
History of F. E. Olds and Sons Trumpets

Electric and Electronic Instruments

General Resources About Electric and Electronic Instruments
Electronic Musical Instruments 1870-1990

Electric Bowed Stringed Instruments
Electric Bowed Stringed Instruments
Electric Violin Makers of the Past

Electronic Organ
Conn Electronic Organ Parts

Strobe Tuners
Conn Strobotuner Manual
Peterson Strobe Tuners

Peter Pringle's Theremin Website
Theremin Home Page

Experimental Instruments

Experimental Musical Instruments
Harry Partch Newband Instrumentarium

Free Reed Instruments

General Resources About Free Reed Instruments
A Brief History of Mouth-blown Free Reed Instruments
Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments
Classical Free Reed Site

Accordions Worldwide
Accumulated Accordion Annotations (links)
Hohner Accordion Models

The Concertina
Concertina Library: Digital Reference Collection for Concertinas
Duet Concertina Fingering Charts

Antique Harmonicas
Bluesharp Page
Harmonica Academy—learn how to play with online lessons
The Harmonica Educator
Harmonica Links
Harmonica Links by Glenn Weiser
Harp On! Harmonica Resources
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Pat Missin's Harmonica Page
Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
John Whiteman Harp Anthology (more than 450 pages of harmonica images)

Keyboard Instruments

General Resources About Keyboard Instruments
Early Keyboard Instruments (links)

Amendments and additions to clavichord-related information in Third Edition of Donald Boalch’s Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord 1440-1840, edited by Charles Mould (1995)
Clavichords in Museums (links)
What is a Clavichord? by Alan Durfee

Geometry and the Local Unit of Measurement in the Design of Italian Stringed Keyboard Instruments by Grant O'Brien
General Harpsichord Information Sources (links)
Harpsichord Bibliographies
How a Harpsichord Works
Sounds of Harpsichords and Related Instruments
What a Harpsichord Sounds Like
The Neapolitan School of Harpsichord Building by Grant O'Brien

National Pipe Organ Register at Royal College of Music
Orgeldatenbank Berlin
Osiris Archive (collection of world-wide pipe organ specifications)
Pipe Organs and Related Topics (Piporg-L)

Antique Piano Shop Museum (alphabetical list of makers and trade catalogs included)
A History of the Piano by David S. Grover
A History of the Piano Timeline by Barrie Heaton
International Piano Archives at Maryland
Piano: Le Portail des Pianists
Piano Information Network
Piano Page
Piano World
Virtual Piano Museum

Percussion Instruments

General Resources About Percussion Instruments
Early Percussion Instruments (links)

The Anklung of Southeast Asia by Prof. Kuo-Huang Han

Articles about the Darbuka

The Barry Collapsible Bass Drum
Drum Solo Artist
Drummer's Website
Drums and Percussion
How to Inspect Vintage Drums
Leedy Black Elite Snare Drum
Not So Modern Drummer
Vintage Drum Time Line
Vintage Drum Center Museum
What Makes a Drum Collectible?

American Gamelan Institute
Gamelan Directories
The Gamelans of the Kraton Yogyakarta by Roger Vetter
Indonesian Gamelan

Stringed Instruments

General Resources About Bowed Stringed Instruments
Bowed Stringed Instrument Links
Early Stringed Instruments
The Guitar Sherpa
Mahoney Music Collection (4,700+ publications about stringed instruments at the University of South Dakota)
Montagnana Books (books about the violin family)

General Resources About Plucked Stringed Instruments
Atlas of Plucked Instruments Museum
The Guitar Sherpa
How to Tell Mandolins, Citterns, Mandolas, Bouzoukis, etc. Apart

American Banjo Makers, Civil War to WW II
Identifying S. S. Stewart Banjos
Banjo Tailpieces

Atlas of Plucked Instruments: Cittern

Acoustic Steel Guitars
La Basse et les Bassistes
Brad's Page of Steel Guitars
Dobro Metal Body Resonators
Early Romantic Guitar Information
Guitar History, Dating, and Specifications by Manufacturer (links)
Guitar and Amp Manufacturers
Guitar Notes (guitar links and resources)
Harp Guitars
Rainer Krause Collection of Antique Guitars and Other Rare and Curious Instruments
PedalSteelGuitar.NET by Dick Meis
Steel Guitar Models and Manufacturers
Vintage Guitars Information
Vintage Guitar Magazine

Hardander Fiddles
Hardingfele Database (in Norwegian)

The Harp Page

A History of the Lute by David Van Edwards
Lute Iconography
Lute of the Month by David Van Edwards
Tying Lute Frets by Daniel Larson

Alan Bond's Mandolin Museum (online)
Gibson Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello Model Descriptions
Mandolin Cafe
Mandolin Archive
Mandolin Links

Articles about the Oud

The Rebec Project by Paul Butler

How Gut Strings are Made by Daniel Larson

Tromba Marina
Tromba Marina Information

Alan Bond's Ukecat Ukulele Museum (online)
Brudda Bu's Ukulele Heaven
Catfish's Closet (ukulele)
Double-bass Ukulele by Franz Walter Altpeter
Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum
Ukulele Museum (Japan)
Ukuleles at Flea Market Music, Inc.

Viola da Gamba
Tying Viol Frets by Daniel Larson

Violin Family
Baroque Violin Set-Up by Damien Dlugolecki (identification and pricing of old stringed instruments)
Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive (links)
Patents - Inventions relating to Violin development (1832-2004)
String History FAQ's by Damien Dlugolecki
Stroh/Horn Violins - Violins with Horn Attachments, 1899-1949
The Violin--the Multimedia Encyclopedia
Violin Bridges Database
Database of Violin Iconography
What is a Hardanger Fiddle?

Zithers and Related Types
Fretless (chord-zithers, ukelins, Bavarian zither, etc.)
Marxophone Homepage
Schweizer Zither-Kultur-Zentrum
Ukelin and Violin-Uke
Ukelin Website
Violin-Uke, Pianoette/Pianolin
Zither U.S.

Woodwind Instruments

General Resources About Woodwind Instruments
Early Wind Instruments
Woodwind Fingering Guide
Woodwind Forum

Bagpipe Care and Maintenance
The World of Bagpipes Fingering Charts

Bassoon links
Bassoon Family Fingering Companion

The Clarinet Pages
ET's Clarinet Studio


Australian Didgeridoo Cultural Hub

9,000 Year Old Chinese Flutes
18th-Century Flute Database
Fingering Charts for Bamboo Flutes
Fingering Charts for Historic Flute Models—Flute Fingering Charts
Flute History Research Materials
Native American Flutes Fingering Charts
Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page
Shakuhachi and Related Topics
World of Flutes



Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart
Recorder Articles
Recorder Home Page

Sax on the Web
International Saxophone Home Page
Saxquest Sax Museum Gallery

Shakuhachi Website
Shakuhachi Fingering Chart

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Jazz History
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and Museum (Birmingham, Alabama)
American Jazz Museum (Kansas City, Missouri)
Jazz Museum in Harlem
Red Hot Jazz Archive

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Makers and Dealers
The Accordion Shop
Gebruder Alexander Mainz
Allen Organ Company
Amati (Czech woodwinds and brass)
American Musical Instrument and Accessory Manufacturers, Thomas Register of
Antiques and Art Work
Antiques and Collectibles Website Links
Arab Instruments: Oud and Darbuka Store
Ralph Ashmead, Maker of Historical Bows
Australian Theremin Kits
Dmitry Badiarov, Violin Maker
Bayerland Harmonikas (Hemau, Germany)
Bernunzio Vintage Instruments
Big Briar, Inc. (Bob Moog)
Boulder Early Music Shop
Kenneth B. Brewer Antique Pianos
John Broadwood & Sons
Ceramic Musical Instruments by Barry Hall
Colorado Drum (vintage drums)
Cooperman Fife & Drum Co.
Andrew Crawford Musical Instrument Cases
Nick DeCarlis Vintage Cornets
Daniel Deitch Historical Woodwinds
Djembe African Drums
Damien Dlugolecki Fine Gut Strings
Directory of North American Clavichord Builders
Jim Doble, Elemental Design (unusual mallet percussion)
Elderly Instruments (instruments, books, recordings, videos)
Ethnic Musical Instrument Company
Finke Handcrafted Horns
Folkers & Powell Flutes
Gila Mountain Dulcimers
Claire Givens Violins, Inc.
David Golber Violins, Specializing in Hardanger Fiddles
Gruhn Guitars
Guitar Plans (Roy Courtnall Summerfield, Musical Instrument Maker)
Guitar Strings and Beyond
Harp Depot (harmonicas)
The Harpsichord Clearing House
Heckel (bassoons)
Hohner USA
Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc.
Huiras Instruments Internationale (Violins and Guitars)
Instrument Zone (United Kingdom)
Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop
Italia Guitar and Bass Straps
L. A. Sax Company
Lark in the Morning (world musical instruments, books, recordings, videos)
Lyon & Healy
Mandolin Brothers Ltd.
Martin Guitars
Mason & Hamlin
Meinel Geigen (Anna Karoline Meinel, violin maker)
David G. Monette Corp. (trumpets)
John Monteleone (guitars)
Robert Morley and Company (Pianoforte and Harpsichord Makers)
Musical Instrument Manufacturers and Dealers Links on AllPages.Com
Musurgia: Fine, Rare, and Unusual Musical Instruments
National Association of Music Merchants
Native American Flutes
Nestler Stringed Instruments
Grant O'Brien, Early Keyboard Instruments
Ovation Guitars
Pedal Steel Guitars
Period Piano Company
William Petit Early Musical Instruments
PianoGrands (fine antique pianos)
Piano Showcase
Simon Polak, Baroque flute maker
QRS Music Technologies
Rebeats Vintage Drum Products
Don Reinfeld Bows
Old Musical Instruments: Jean-Michael Renard
Renner, USA
Jack Sanders Guitars
Schimmel Pianos
Scheurenbrand Guitars
Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts
Sinier de Ridder Antique Musical Instruments
Sorli Lautenwerk and Harpsichords
Specialty Violin Making Products (Michael Sheibley, Luthier)
Spirit of the Woods Flutes (Native American; Ed Hrebec, maker)
George Stevens Early Stringed Instruments
String Emporium: Upright Bass Strings
Suzuki Musical Instrument
David T. Van Zandt, Violin Maker
Vintage Drum Center
Wichita Band Instrument Company
Charles Wolff Fine Keyboard Instruments
Worldwide Keyboard Bank (keyboard instruments for sale)
Young Chang Pianos

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Making & Repairing Musical Instruments
Brass Wind Instrument Parts for Sale
Build Your Own Barque Lute by David Van Edwards
Build Your Own Renaissance Lute by David Van Edwards
Building a Guitar by Charles A. Hoffman
Building an F-Style Mandolin by Steve Smith
Building a Mandolin by Mike Nelson
Building a Violin by Hans Johannson
Classical Guitar Construction in the style of Antonio Torres by Neil Ostberg
Copies of Historical Musical Instruments (1994)
Gold Coast Pianos (restoration of automatic musical instruments)
Guitar Building Books and Resources
London Metropolitan University
Lutherie Information for Builders of String Instruments
Musical Instrument Makers Forum
Online Instruction in Musical Instrument Making (links)
Shel's Guitar Making Gallery
Victoria Violin Repair (Sidney, BC, Canada)

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16th-20th Century Maps of Africa
How Far is it?
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas)

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Museum Sites
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and Museum (Birmingham, Alabama)
Alabama Music Hall of Fame (Tuscumbia, Alabama)
American Jazz Museum (Kansas City, Missouri)
American Association of Museums
American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)
American Classical Music Hall of Fame (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Art Museum Network
B. B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center (Indianola, Mississipi)
Best of the Web—Museums
Birthplace of Country Music Cultural Heritage Center (Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia)
Blues and Legends Hall of Fame Museum (Robinsonville, Mississippi)
Blues Hall of Fame (Memphis, Tennessee)
Buddy Holly Center (Lubbock, Texas)
Cajun Music Hall of Fame and Museum (Eunice, Louisiana)
Country Music Hall of Fame (Nashville, Tennessee)
Elvis Presley's Graceland (Memphis, Tennessee)
Delta Blues Museum (Clarksdale, Mississippi)
The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
The Getty Museum
Highway 61 Blues Museum (Owensboro, Kentucky)
International Bluegrass Music Museum (Owensboro, Kentucky)
International Council of Museums
International Gospel Hall of Fame and Museum (Detroit, Michigan)
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Museum (Meridian, Mississippi)
Joslyn Art Museum (Omaha, Nebraska)
Lawrence Welk Museum (Escondido, California)
Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives (Corona, New York)
The Louvre
Memphis Rock 'N Soul Museum (Memphis, Tennessee)
Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame (Clinton, Mississippi)
Motown Historical Museum (Detroit, Michigan)
Museum of Modern Art (New York)
Museum of Musical Instruments  Note: This is a virtual museum, available only online.
Museumspot (resource for museum-related content on the web)
National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
National Register of Historic Places
The Norton Simon Museum
Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center (Clintwood, Virginia)
River Music Experience (Davenport, Iowa)
Rockabilly Hall of Fame (Burns, Tennessee)
Rock 'n Soul Museum (Memphis, Tennessee)
Scott Joplin House State Historic Site (St. Louis, Missouri)
Smithsonian American Art Museum
The Stax Museum of American Soul Music (Memphis, Tennessee)
Steel Guitar Hall of Fame (St. Louis, Missouri)
Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and Tex Ritter Museum (Carthage, Texas)
Texas Music Museum (Austin, Texas)
Ukulele Hall of Fame and Museum (Cranston, Rhode Island)
Washington Area Music Association Hall of Fame
Webmuseum Network
West Texas Music Hall of Fame
World Wide Arts Resources
World Wide Web Virtual Library Museums Pages

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Musical Link Lists
American Music Resource
Culture Pages of the Sibelius Academy (Finland)
Dutch Classical Music Website
Worldwide Internet Music Resources (Indiana University)

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Musical Research Resources
American Sheet Music 1870-1885 (Library of Congress)
Canadian Music Periodical Index
The Classical Music Navigator
Cylinder [Recordings] Preservation and Digitization Project (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology
Howe Collection of Musical Instrument Literature (University of Maryland)
Indiana University List of Music Links
Library of Congress
Music Trade Review (1880-1954)
Presto Magazine (1928-1941)
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Virtual Library of Musicology
World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
Yahoo's Classical Music Directories
Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau (Journal of Instrument Making, 1880-1940)

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Music Notation
Music Notation Project

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American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
American Musical Instrument Society
American Musicological Society
The American Nyckelharpa Association
American Recorder Society
Assocation française du violoncelle
Boston Clavichord Society
British Clavichord Society
British Harpsichord Society
Catgut Acoustical Society
Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association
CIMCIM (International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections)
Dutch Clavichord Society
European Seminar in Ethnomusicology
Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments
FIMTE (International Festival of Spanish Keyboard Music)
Galpin Society (British Society for the Study of Musical Instruments)
German Clavichord Society
Gesellschaft der Freunde alter Musikinstrumente (Zurich)
Guild of American Luthiers
Hardanger Fiddle Association of America
Historic Brass Society
Historic Harp Society
International Center for Clavichord Studies, Magnano, Itlay
International Double Reed Society
International Horn Society
International Organ Foundation
International Society of Bassists
International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen
International Trumpet Guild
International Tuba-Euphonium Association
Lute Society of America
Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society
Music Library Association
Musical Box Society
Musical Instrument Technicians Association
National Flute Association
National Harmonica League
Organ Historical Society
Percussive Arts Society (National Piano Foundation)
The Piano Page (Piano Technicians Guild)
Reed Organ Society
Ruckers Genootschap
Society for Ethnomusicology
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music
Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Violin Society of America
The Westfield Center (keyboards)

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Patent Numbers and Dates
Dating Instruments Using Patent Numbers
Free Patents Online
Google Patent Search
Harp Guitar and Related Patents
Historical Patent and Trademark Databases
Lloyd Allayre Loar's Patents
Patent Search Tool
SumoBrain Patent Search
U.S. Patent Dates and Numbers: 1836-1990
U.S. Patent Office's Patent Classification Database
U.S. Patent Office's Full-Text and Full-Page Patent Image Databases

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Search Engines
University of South Dakota Search Engine

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Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers for Brass and Woodwind Instruments
Flute and Saxophone Serial Numbers
Jupiter Musical Instrument Serial Numbers
Kohlert Saxophone Serial Numbers
Leblanc Clarinets 1964-2003
Music Trader's Comprehensive List
F. E. Olds and Son Serial Numbers Reconstruction
Reconstructed Pan American Brass Instrument Serial Number List
Selmer Paris Brass Instruments Serial Number Reconstruction
Selmer Saxophone Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers for Free Reed Instruments
Dating Lachenal Anglo Concertinas
Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture

Serial Numbers for Fretted Stringed Instruments
W. A. Cole
Danelectro, Silvertone, and Coral Guitars
D'Angelico Guitars
Dobro / Regal
Dr. Duck's Dating Service (comprehensive list of serial numbers for many companies)
Emmons Steel Guitar D-10 Push-Pull Serial Numbers
A. C. Fairbanks and Vega Banjos
Gretsch Guitars
Guild Guitars
Jackson Guitars
Vintage Guitar and Amplifier Serial Number Links
Landola Guitars
Levin Instruments
Martin Guitars, Mandolins, and Ukuleles
Mosrite Guitars
National Guitars
S. S. Stewart Banjos
Taylor Guitars
Yamaha Guitars (click "Guitar Serial Number Wizard" on left side)

Serial Numbers for Percussion Instruments
Dating Ludwig, WFL, and Leedy Drum Badges
How To Date 1960's Ludwig Drums By Serial Numbers by Ned Ingberman
Vintage Drum Serial Number Links

Serial Numbers for Pianos
Various Piano Makers
Alfred Knight

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Sound Recording Archives

Sound Recording Archives Links

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South Dakota Sites

SD Associations & Societies | SD Museums | SD Tourism | Other SD Sites | University of South Dakota | Vermillion

South Dakota Associations & Societies
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc. (Hill City, SD)
Dalesburg Scandinavian Association (Dalesburg, SD)
EROS Data Center (Sioux Falls, SD)
Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society, Inc. (DeSmet, SD)
South Dakota Arts Council
South Dakota Memory: SD State Historical Society (Pierre, SD)

South Dakota Museums
Adams Museum (Deadwood, SD)
Agricultural Heritage Museum (Brookings, SD)
Black Hills Mining Museum (Lead, SD)
Cultural Heritage Center (Pierre, SD)
Dacotah Prairie Museum (Aberdeen, SD)
Dahl Fine Arts Center (Rapid City, SD)
Fall River County Historical Museum (Hot Springs, SD)
Indian Museum of North America (Crazy Horse, SD)
Prehistoric Indian Village Museum and Archeodome (Mitchell, SD)
School of Mines Museum of Geology (Rapid City, SD)
South Dakota Art Museum (Brookings)
W. H. Over Museum (Vermillion)
Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science (Sioux Falls, SD)

South Dakota Tourism Sites
Great Lakes of South Dakota Tourism Association
Jewell Cave National Monument Visitor Center (Custer, SD)
Mammoth Site of Hot Springs (Hot Springs, SD)
Missouri National Recreational River
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Oyate Trail, South Dakota
Prairie Village (Madison, SD)
South Dakota Black Hills and Badlands Tourism Association
South Dakota Glacial Lakes & Prairies Region Tourism Association
South Dakota Great Faces Great Places
South Dakota Office of Tourism
Southeast South Dakota Tourism Association
Wind Cave National Park Visitor Center (Hot Springs, SD)

Other South Dakota Sites
State of South Dakota Home Page

University of South Dakota
University Art Galleries
University of South Dakota (USD) Home Page
USD Admissions Webpage
USD College of Fine Arts Home Page
USD Foundation & Alumni Association Page
USD Music Department

Vermillion Sites
City of Vermillion Home Page
Historic Clay County
Vermillion Plain Talk Newspaper On-Line Edition
Vermillion Weather Forecast
W. H. Over Museum

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Stolen Musical Instruments

Screaming Stone: The Stolen Music Instrument Recovery Project
Stolen Musical Instruments
The Strad Magazine's Lost and Stolen Instruments Database

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Technical Drawings
Extensive list of technical drawings of musical instruments in public collections world-wide
Technical drawings available from the National Music Museum

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Trademark Links (Worldwide) (British Library)

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